Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A Damn Fine Weekend (Rather Photo Heavy)

This holiday weekend was so fulfilling and awesome. I stayed off the computer for the most part (plus there was no cell reception and spotty 3G) and just enjoyed time with both my family and Rob's.  I won't bore you with all of the here-to-there details, but how about a few highlights and then some pictures?

The highlights:

*Taking care of my 19-month-old niece (with a whole lot of help from other family members).
*Teaching my niece "This Little Piggie" and having her extend her foot out to me again and again to do it "one more time."
*Laughing and drinking with my dad, sister, and Robbie, while watching 30 Rock.
*The glory of a homemade (very illegal) fireworks display, watched from my dad's pontoon boat in the middle of the lake.
*My cousin trying to carry me off the boat only to drop me in the water and give me a nasty bruise on my tail bone (don't worry, no pictures). 
*My husband letting me fall so he could catch my camera (no sarcasm there, that was awesome).
*Eating roasted marshmallows during a bonfire because I can't eat gluteny s'mores.
*Gazing at the stars from the middle of the lake (once again on the pontoon boat) with my dad, sister and Robbie.
*Boating around the lake with my dad, mom, sisters, niece, and Robbie on a beautiful, sunny, warm day.
*Going swimming in front of the house I grew up in for the first time in a decade or more.

 *Driving with Robbie to visit my in-laws and noticing the temperature drop about 14 degrees as we neared the coast.
*Seeing Bob Marley perform (stand-up comedian, and he was also the Boston cop from "Boondock Saints") with my husband's siblings and getting to meet him afterward because my sister-in-law was friends with him in college.
*Waking up to see my brother-in-law finish a 5K and get beat by a guy with a stroller.
*Seeing my sister-in-law in the parade in Rob's hometown.
*Listening to my sister-in-law sing "America the Beautiful" in front of the entire town as the flag was raised on the Fourth of July.
*Feeling proud of my sister-in-law as she accepted a scholarship for being so awesome.

*Watching yet another parade from the same spot that my family has watched that parade for as long as I can remembered.
*Spending time with my extended family as the fog rolled in and we waited for the inevitable fireworks cancellation.
*Drinking and watching more 30 Rock with my dad, Megan and Rob.
*Finding different versions of the song "Danny Boy" for my dad. His mother, who passed away last year, used to sing it to him and he's really connected to it. This one's my favorite.
*Picking Cypress up on Tuesday from the kennel and seeing her excited little ass wiggle.
*Taking a little work break today to go swimming with Robbie and Cypress.
*Sun, sun, and more sun.
*Lots of cute dresses and summery outfits.

What better way to celebrate America's birthday than with some awesome people you happen to be related to? The Fourth of July has to be one of my absolute favorite holidays.

What did you do this weekend? Whatever it was, I hope it was magical.

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  1. I love it! This weekend does look magical indeed! =]

  2. It sounds & looks like it was fantastic! I love that little summer top you've got there too.

  3. Loving the pictures! I really like the shirt you're wearing in that one that you took of yourself. Cute!!

  4. That picture of you and Rob is absolutely sweet! Glad you had a wonderful weekend.

  5. Sounds like an amazing weekend!!! Love all of these photos, what wonderful memories!

  6. I spent the whole weekend in a car :/ Left San Francisco on Friday and got into Oklahoma early Sunday morning. Spent the day sleeping (poor Nate drove the whole way) and then I took him to the airport last night :( So uneventful weekend for me but I got to spend it with my love so that's all that matters to me :) Looks like you had an awesome 4th! I'd love to be out on that lake!

  7. i love seeing your weekend in photos! you know what i did from my blog posts ;)

  8. You have such preeettttyy friends and family. Love the photos!

    I also love how, no matter what your post is about, you always manage to include 30 Rock in there somewhere. That makes me laugh.

  9. Gotta agree, your 4th of July weekend looked ridiculously magical! A lake? a boat? QUILTS on the boat? I am so jealous. I had a great weekend myself, but umm, I want yours! Lucky!

  10. Ahhh. Love the stroller 5k bit. Hilarious.
    Bob Marley is fantastic...Saw him last year and would lovveee to see him again.
    And that picture of you and Rob is lovely...glad you had such a wonderful weekend!

  11. Oh wow - that last photo of you two is definitely print & frame worthy! :)

  12. really cool blog. so glad i found you! loving the hair. i am sorta growing my pixie out now.

  13. your weekend was so much more lively than mine! jelly! ;)

  14. Great photos of a great weekend! Go America! xoxo

  15. Looks like such a wonderful weekend...especially the food! Haha!! : )

  16. fun photos! you have a beautiful family : )
    & sorry about your tailbone... falling on your butt HURTS. Hope it's feeling better!


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