Monday, July 25, 2011

Your Questions Answered Part I: I Married my Brother and Other Thoughts

So here is my first post aimed at answering some of the questions you posed to me in this post.

This post's questions come from Deanna and Kristina (hi ladies!).

1. Does anyone ask you if Rob is your brother instead of your husband?

I have to say that this question made me laugh out loud. We get this so much, especially since I cut my hair in '03 and started wearing glasses full time instead of contacts ('05 or so).  No one has outrightly asked us if we are siblings, but I can't even tell you how many people have mentioned how much we look alike. Even his brother and mother have made comments about it. I always wonder how many strangers see us and wonder the same thing, particularly after we have shared some sort of decidedly not sibling-appropriate sign of affection. Once we went to a movie theater with Rob's dad and Rob said to me, "I wonder how many people assume we are two siblings walking with our dad." Creepy.

Taken at Christmas, 2003

2. Can you ever imagine yourself with long hair again?

Yes and no. I love the idea of long hair, but not the required maintenance.  When my hair is long it is poofy, frizzy, unruly, and obnoxiously curly.  I was reminded of this when I tried to grow it out earlier this year; I made it to the helmet-head stage before I finally gave up (if you recognize your hairdo on a man in a movie from the 1970s, it might be time to quit).  I think Rob would prefer I have long hair again, though he would never impose that on me or even admit it, but right now I just can't be bothered.

First picture together, 2002 or 2003. Notice the great variety in my husband's t-shirts.

3. Are you far- or near-sighted?

I am near-sighted.  I wore a reading glasses in second grade or so, but between you and me, I think I lied about not being able to see well to my parents because I wanted glasses (that's how cool I am and was).  They went along with my little charade since we had great eye insurance.  When I was in 5th or 6th grade my family's great myopic tradition was passed on to me and I started wearing glasses, and later contacts, then back to glasses, full-time.

4. What is your favorite gluten-free food?

I would have to say all Udi's bread products--muffins, bread, pizza crust, and bagels in particular.  They can be treated like "real" bread (as in, you don't have to freeze and then toast them) and they actually have a decent consistency.  They were the only gluten-free bread product that didn't cause my teeth to squeak against them.  If you have frozen and toasted other gluten-free breads you know what I mean by the "squeaking."

5. Have you ever had an imaginary friend?

In fourth grade I used to imagine a little man that sat inside my desk, but I never went all that far with it.  I grew up with two sisters who were relatively close in age to me, so I had scant desire to dream up one more person I'd have to fight with for space.

I'll answer some more questions as the week goes on. Hope you all are having an amazing Monday!


  1. Yay!! You answered my questions ^-^

    Just between us I may or may not have lied a bit in First grade to get glasses..... (I exaggerated a little) (Huh, I've never told anyone that before....) I'm nearsighted too! How funny.....

    I like most of Udi's products, except there white bread, I'm more of a kinnikinnick person myself :)

    And I only briefly had an imaginary friend cos my sister and I are so close in age.... :D
    Hope you are having a GREAT Day!

  2. I love that Rob is wearing the same shirt in those pictures.

    I love my long hair, but I can imagine that if I ever found a short hairdo that I loved I would probably keep it that way for a long time.

    Ironically enough, I'm pretty sure I didn't have to get glasses as soon as I did (freshman year of HS), I think I just squinted enough that it made my eyes blurry because I, also, wanted glasses (nerd alert!). But, my eye sight has gotten much worse and now I really do need glasses to see the board and especially to drive at night or when it's not sunny. Fun fun...

    These question posts are fun! :)

  3. Haha. My husband and I get that all the time too, especially when I had a pixie cut. It's always awkward when you have to say "no no, he's my husband." I don't feel embarrassed, but I feel embarrassed for the embarrassment the askers will inevitably feel...does that make sense?

  4. People have totally just ASSUMED my husband was my brother before. It's awkward--not at first for me because I just thought it was funny, but when I tell the other person he's my husband they look really uncomfortable and usually stop talking to me. It's so awkward

  5. Oh man... I really laughed at loud at the t-shirt comment. I looked back and forth between the pictures probably 5 times giggling. So cute! :) Sea Marie

  6. Haha that cracks me up. You and your hubbers kind of look related! How fun! I think answering questions is a great idea for a post!!! :)

    Ashley Sloan

  7. Aw, how fun getting to know you better, Caitlin!

    I have to say -- I love that photo of your "first picture together". I love when a guy holds his lady at the arm, with his other arm wrapped around her shoulder like that. Very sweet and endearing.

  8. OMG - Now I don't feel as bad admitting that I did the same thing to get glasses when I was around 10 or so! I can't believe there are other people who did the same thing! *BLUSH*

  9. my mom told me that if i imagined an imaginary friend, a demon would come and possess it.

    that's healthy, right?

  10. hahah yes! christian and i like looking like brother and sister :D XOX

  11. haha! That's hilarious that he is wearing the same shirt. He and Jeremy have something in common. ;)

    Loved reading the answers to your questions.

  12. I loved reading this!!! People think Shawn and I are brother and sister all the time, too! The two of you make such a sweet couple!

  13. This is so fun, Caitlin! Can't wait to find out more about you!

  14. Oh man, I just love learning more about you! You are such an awesome gal...keep the questions and answers coming! <3

  15. I always wanted glasses before getting them, too! Which is super strange considering I got mine when I was like 7? Ah well, such is life! I also think you look really great with short hair (and long hair!) but I find your short hair gives you such a unique style, not every girl can pull it off (not at all!!) so take advantage of that as much as you can ;)

  16. Ah you are SO brave to have short hair like that. I think it takes a truly confident woman with beautiful, feminin features like yourself to pull off the look.
    I have a strong nose, sharp cheek bones and eyebrows... decidely masculine features... and I enjoy hiding behind my butt length hair, even if it does take me 20 minutes to blow dry.

  17. GREAT blog! you are so interesting and inspirational! i would really love for you to check out my blog and give me your two cents on it! it'd mean so much to hear from you! and GREAT pictures and style. LOVE.

    follow me?

  18. 1. You are fabulous. 2. I love that you did a Q&A session on your blog. 3. I love your hair. 4. I'm definitely following your blog.


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