Monday, July 11, 2011

Our Anniversary Weekend, ¡Ahora con Muchas Fotos!

We are back!

As you all know, Rob and I went on a little trip to the sunburn factory BEACH for our anniversary this weekend.  It was in a word lovely and I wanted to share it with all my fantastic blog readers.

Quick note: I didn't bring my DSLR on this trip, only because I knew from experience that I'd worry constantly about getting sand in it/getting it stolen.  My point and shoot worked just fine for what I wanted to accomplish, which was to chronicle this wonderful weekend.

On Friday Rob came back from his seemingly interminable camping trip in the White Mountains at around 5 pm.  He wasn't quite as eager as I was to hop back into the car for another 2 hours after already driving 3 that day, but he was a trooper and did it anyway. After stopping to get some yummy, delicious, healthy food Taco Bell for him (yes, I did the cross-out joke twice in one post, wanna fight about it?) we were on our way.  We stopped at my favorite restaurant in the entire world, Chipotle, for dinner.  Can I just say how excited I am that Chipotle is gluten-free friendly?

After satisfying my addiction for the time being, we finally made it to Old Orchard Beach.  I had a little bit of a freak out while driving over the train tracks (train phobia alert!) but we got to our room unscathed. We stayed in a lovely little hotel right on the beach, far away from the boardwalk and Jersey Shore wannabes. It was absolutely perfect.  Plus we had a neat little kitchenette and a bed that came out of the wall (WHAT?!)!

We went for a little walk down the beach and admired how far away we were from the melee of downtown:

As a quick aside, I'm pretty sure that we are be the only people below the age of 60 who intentionally try to stay away from crowds of people while on vacation.

Anyway we spent the entire day on Saturday laying on the beach and swimming in the ocean (as much as we could, anyway...was a little chilly).  It was absolutely amazing to just relax with my husband and feel like we were a million miles away from everything.  A few times I forgot I was in Maine, what with the white sand, sunshine and swim-able water.

We covered ourselves in SPF 45, but apparently it wasn't enough, because both of us got extremely nasty burns. Rob, on his chest and stomach, and me, on my chest, thighs and knees, of all places. 

After we were sufficiently cooked we decided to go out on a date to a nice restaurant in Portland. We chose Grace, which is located in a former Methodist church.  The menu was extensive (and mostly gluten-free) and it had just the ambience we were looking for.  Because it was our anniversary date, we went all out with appetizers and desserts...we even tried tuna tartare in the spirit of adventure.  We had a blast together, as usual, and the restaurant was absolutely amazing.  Plus my husband was freaking adorable in his dress clothes and I got to wear my new wedges!

 On Sunday, our actual anniversary, we got up early and got ready before taking a final walk on the beach. I wanted to be like all the other cool couples so I wrote Robbie an anniversary message in the sand.

That's right.

(1) I hate my feet, (2) they are not diseased, just sunburned.

Look, a sheagull!
We finally made it home and reunited with our dog, in agony from sunburn sadness but extremely happy with our weekend.  We topped the weekend off with dinner at our favorite local restaurant before enjoying an evening filled with Netflix awesomeness (if you guessed more 30 Rock, you're right!).

We had such a blast that I'm hoping to make Old Orchard Beach an anniversary tradition for years to come.

Hoo boy, if you made it through that ginormous post than we must be friends.

What did you all do this weekend?


  1. You know how much I love pictures, so of course I made it through! Looks like you guys had a really great Anniversary weekend! That restaurant at the church looks so neat, and the food sounds yummy. I love the last picture of you guys, it's just really sweet :)

    I dog-sat for my sister and her hubby while they went to a family reunion for his family and got some much needed alone time! It was a good relaxing weekend.

  2. I love everything about this post!! The pictures made me so jealous, I want to go to the beach, lol! The two of you are seriously adorable together, and you both looked great all weekend! I love your bikini, and that cute dress you're wearing with your wedges! It's too bad you both got sunburned, but it'll turn into a lovely tan in no time :) Happy Anniversary once again!!!

  3. Such cute pictures. Looks like you two had a wonderful time. :]

  4. Oh you both are so adorable! Sometimes I think you look a tad bit like Wynona Rider.

  5. OMG!!! Bikini+Tattoo=SO MUCH WIN!

  6. The writing in the sand made me laugh. You guys are too funny and too cute! Congrats on your anniversary!

  7. Oh, sunburn factory. Boo! It looks like despite the sun damage you guys had a really fun weekend! We got busy and cleaned the house this weekend - extremely productive!

  8. Aw I love it Caitlin! You two look like such an awesome couple and I'm so glad it's easy for you find GF foods around you! Prescott has really limited options, but it makes it fun to see what we can find everywhere else we go. =]

  9. oh my goodness! you guys are adorable. Looks like you had an awesome weekend. Just found your blog, following now :)

  10. Your beach message made me laugh so hard!

  11. Sounds like you guys had an amazing trip. I loved Maine. Such a unique place. I felt like I was in another world when I was up there. I wish I could have done more site seeing though. I am glad you guys got to get away for your anniversary. I love getting away and just relaxing! :)

  12. That church looks so beautiful! Hope you guys had as much fun as it looks like you did!

  13. Love the picture of the beach at night, very well done for using a point and shoot :)

  14. happy anniversary, ya cuties! For our Sunday funday, we gallavanted around target, & later that night had mindblowingly amazing... dinner. haha that was so inappropriate sorry! but seriously the best dinner I've ever had : ) Hope your sunburns heal quickly! <3

  15. Sounds like the perfect weekend to meeeeee! Happy Anniversary, you cute thangs!<3

  16. congratulations on your anniversary! you two make such a cute couple!! i love your hair too! i love happy married stories!

  17. you guys are so cute! i want some wedges so bad.


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