Monday, July 18, 2011

Getting to Know Us: The Refrigerator Edition

I think Rob and I are the only people I know who have a refrigerator that looks like this:

Every time we visit a friend or family member I am always struck by how positively immaculate the refrigerator door is.  Aside from the occasional Save the Date magnet or the offhand family photo, they typically maintain a relatively austere facade.

But not Caitlin and Rob's.  Our refrigerator is covered with such a mish-mash of items that I'm not always 100% sure on where they all came from.  But after suffering some anxiety about our refrigerator being so damn cluttered I realized that, as silly as it is, our refrigerator is sort of a reflection of us, what makes us laugh, what we care about, and how we feel about each other.

So, at the risk of this post coming off as a little goofy, I thought I'd share with you some of the various things we have on our refrigerator. Click the images to make them larger.

Front of Refrigerator:

1. A picture of Robbie and two of his buddies in a Chinook.
2. Rob's speech from his brother Nick's wedding.
3. A frequent customer card for our local gelato place.
4. Rob's little sister's high school graduation invitation.
5. Two tests that Rob did well from freshman year and one from this past year.
6. Can't see it because it's hidden but there's an appointment card for Rob's next VA visit.

1. A picture I took of my sister-in-law at one of her chemo appointments.
2. A card my sister gave me for my birthday
3. An ADK (Adirondack) magnet from when we visited Rob's grandfather.
4. A Barnes & Noble gift card (awesome!)
4. Our families are both pretty religious and have experienced several deaths in the last couple of years. These cards were given to us at their funerals (one for each of my grandparents and great uncle, and one for Rob's grandfather)

1. Awesome Beatles magnet.
2. Magnet from a pizza place in Anchorage, Alaska that Rob used to order pizza from.
3. A magnet we were given as part of a wedding gift.
4. The receipt from my dresser.
5. A fox from my coloring book colored to look like Cypress.
6. An Ann Taintor card I got Rob for Valentine's Day.

1. Turtle and Hippo that I colored for Rob, Snake he colored for me.
2. Certificate from our landlord entitling us to free dinner.
3. Invitation from my niece's 1st birthday party last October.
4. Picture drawn for Robbie and I by his 3-year-old nephew.

Rob and I not religious people, but for some reason attract a lot of Christian tracts.  And they all end up on our fridge. The two vertical ones were left on our cars and the "trillion dollar bill for our salvation" was given to us by a guy looking for bottles.

1. Yet another tract, this one given to us by the guy who sold Rob a gun.
2. Rob's sneaky snake again.
3. A picture of Rob's mother's side of the family.
4. A picture of Wall-E's collection, drawn by my cousin's son Wyatt.

1. The card I got Rob for Valentine's Day, because it makes me laugh.
2. You can't see it too well but the piece of paper that says "Tomorrow"  is an autograph from Nathen Maxwell, bassist for Flogging Molly, one of my and Rob's favorite bands.
3. Appointment card for my next dentist appointment.

Side of Refrigerator:
As a note for context: there was a period when I was traveling where Rob would leave for class before I'd go to the airport, so I'd spend my morning packing and leaving him fun notes. Hence all the brightly-colored post its on this part of the fridge.

Notes, notes, notes. You can see a little bit of the green from our Save the Date magnet in the top right corner.

More notes.  If you get the reference in the green note on the far left, without Googling, we can be friends.

I wouldn't read this note if you don't like sappy crap.

I've hope you enjoyed this goofy little post. I'm thinking of making this into some sort of feature, so stay tuned.

How does your refrigerator look? Is it clean or is it a veritable explosion of papers and pictures?


  1. ohmygoodness, our fridge is even worse.
    everything that i like to look at goes on the fridge. there are pictures on there from yeeeears ago.
    good idea for a feature though. :)

    {also, i think it's super funny that you keep tracts on your fridge. never, ever heard of anyone doing that!}

  2. ma'am. my fridge is just that bad, if not worse! :)

  3. Cute topic! I love having a covered fridge, it just makes the home seem more cozy if you ask me. You should see mine!

  4. haha this is seriously cute ;)

  5. Our fridge is almost always cluttered! I try to clean it up every now and then, but it doesn't take long for it to look very similar. ;]

  6. Aw I love this! Our regrigerator isn't magnetic but it used to have tons of stuff on it. =]

  7. haha love this!
    our fridge is stainless and can't hold magnets unfortunately. which is a shame because i really love those poem/word magnets!!!
    xo dana

  8. Oh my goodness! I have a few pictures the kids at work colored for me on our fridge, but y'all have me beat! Everything has meaning though, and I think that makes your fridge even more special. Very cute post. Not goofy, just sweet :-). And I do feel like I know you a little better after reading this!

  9. Fun post, Caitlin! I begin to feel overwhelmed when my fridge gets too cluttered, so I keep it pretty spare. I do display some of my son's artwork on there, though. That being said, I'm always fascinated by what folks keep on their fridge! Yours in no exception. In fact, it's exceptional!

  10. This is seriously adorable!! I love how sentimental you are, keeping all those special momentos!!

  11. Awwww, cute fridge!!! I think a covered fridge is better than an empty looking fridge front ANYDAY!!! My parents had a covered fridge, as did my big sister and a few friends of mine and Jen's who were a couple had one with those little magnets to form sentences. So we'd make a sentences for them before leaving their house. *snicker*

    Jen and I live with family, so we don't have our own fridge ATM, but when we do IT WILL BE COVERED TOO!

  12. I actually love your fridge. I don't like immaculate fridges at all, what else is the point of a huge magnetic surface if not to cover it with magnets that hold up awesome things?! I mean really. Every time I go on a trip I bring home a magnet for the one I have at home, I love looking at all of them up there, and we've got lots of pictures and random things too. I think I may steal this post from you one day and do it too :) Hope you don't mind!?

    PS: My favorite part of your fridge has to be the fact that you guys color in pictures for each other. Could the two of you be any cuter?

  13. haha. I love your fridge. It is so homey and warm. You can tell it is just covered in love. lol. Ours is empty, but I think that is because we lack magnets to hold things on with :)

  14. our fridge isn't magnetic. otherwise, it'd look the same. no doubt.

  15. PERFECT!!!! This post made me smile big. My old fridge, with my roomate, was exactly like this. It made me smile every time I walked past it. Adam land I just got a new fridge and haven't put anything on it yet. I miss it though!

  16. I like it! :) SO personal and the drawings are super cute!

  17. Ours might even be more busy than yours! I taped kind of a base of cool paper stuff all over the side, then we use magnets holding stuff over top of all that stuff!


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