Thursday, July 14, 2011

Things I Love Thursday

Why Ginny Weasly is vastly superior to Bella Swan (as if you needed convincing).

Frozen Butterbeer Recipe? Uh, yes please!

Harry Potter Marriage Proposal...this is too freaking adorable.

Check out this awesome shirt and other Harry Potter crafts!

Monty Python and the Holy Fight Club. I found this through Chuck Palahniuk's official Twitter.

This is too freaking adorable...a kid's reaction to a gay couple.

Super Mario Enemies frighteningly reimagined.

Clearly my dress-buying addiction has not been satiated. I bought this little dress in an attempt to channel my inner Betty Draper.

Dear Blank, Please Blank - love these.

Do you know a Comic Sans Criminal?

Check out this amazing old garage turned into a mini dream home!

Have you ever looked at NASA's Astronomy Picture of the Day? Rob used to send them to me by email every day when we first got together :)

Beautiful Double Exposure Portraits.

This flow chart makes me laugh

I hope you all have an amazing Thursday!


  1. Frozen butterbeer... Oh man. I could probably live on a recipe like that! Also HP proposal?! Sooooo cute!!

  2. Beautiful dress! And I know SEVERAL Comic Sans criminals. I will pass this on to them. : )



  3. I love your posts on Thursdays :)

    First of all, love ALL the HP stuff--the marriage proposal is great. Funny flow chart too, lol. I also loved that reaction to the gay couple--I saw it on Facebook and though it was so cute!

    Happy Thursday :)

  4. I love your Thursday posts!!
    I love all the HP stuff! Especially the part about Ginny being better than Bella! (cause its true of course)

    Have an awesome Thursday!

  5. loved all of these today! frozen butterbeer???? holy crap, awesome.

  6. Fight Shrub...aahahaha :)

  7. oh yea! HP over Twilight anyday! Bella Swan is too whiny!

  8. NOW I HAVE TO WATCH THE HOLY GRAIL RIIIIGHT NOW. I forgot how freaking hilarious that movie is. All I had to hear was "shrubbery" LOL!


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