Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Mid-Week Bits & Pieces

I know these "list" posts are probably really boring...I just don't have it in me lately to form thoughts.

1. I smashed my car into a snowbank the other day.  Rob was getting tattooed and I was going to bring him a sammich from Subway since he'd be there for most of the day.  It had been snowing all day and apparently our town lacks the funds to pay the plowmen overtime, so the roads were pretty slippery.  As I was getting ready to hang a right into the mall where Adam's shop is, I noticed that the 18-wheeler behind me wasn't slowing down at a rate that I deemed appropriate given the weather.  Rather than get rear-ended by a giant truck, I decided to take the turn a little faster than I should've and whammo, snowbank.  Interestingly this was my first time getting stuck in a snowbank despite having lived in Maine for my entire life.  Thankfully some people I didn't know who had a truck and a chain came and pulled me out.  I was fine and the car is fine, I was really more embarrassed than anything and kept apologizing. Afterward Rob asked me "Did you take a picture?!" because he wanted me to write a blog post about it.  I didn't, because of aforementioned embarrassment, and for that I'm sorry.

2. The stress from moving is getting to me.  I know it's particularly bad because I haven't been sleeping well, and let me tell you, I am a champion sleeper.  In college I'd nap from 4-6pm every day and still fall asleep in minutes that night.  Rob always laughs at me because of how quickly I fall asleep, but not lately.  I've literally been staring at the ceiling. I'm writing this at 11:20pm and I feel like I could run a marathon.

3. Guess who's getting a skull tattoo on Valentine's Day? This guy girl.

4. I've been feeling really awful about my blog lately.  I want to write this crazy big post that's super awesome and coherent, but all that comes out are these lists.  I think because my thoughts are so absolutely scattered.

5. Because of the increased anxiety I've found myself disassociating a lot more.  I plan on talking about it at length in therapy tomorrow but in the meantime I'm trying some of the grounding techniques I mentioned in my vlog below.

6. The chick who does the voice for Marcel the Shell with Shoes on is about to be on Conan.

7. Tattoo is officially in the itchy stage and I hate it.  I do not hate it enough to avoid getting a skull tattoo on Valentine's Day (see point #3).

8. Does anyone have any plans for Valentine's Day?  I'm getting a skull tattoo (not to belabor the point or anything) and packing and working. Exciting, eh?

9.  I love you all. And thanks for reading and embracing my insanity as though it were your own.


  1. i'm glad you're ok after the car accident! that's scary. and thanks for the heads up about conan i love that little shell! my tattoo finally healed but it was driving me nuts and was peeling all over ick.

  2. Sheesh Caitlin glad you're okay! People get very seriously injured from snowbanks all the time assuming they're super soft and nothing can happen to them!
    I know how you feel, I feel like every blog post I write here lately is pretty much like "Hi, I'm writing a book!" People are starting to hate me. Maybe no one has said it, but I'm sure they are.
    My Valentine's Day will consist of a date. A STAR WARS EPISODE I 3D date! But not with my husband. With one of my clients. Whatever, as long as I get to see Star Wars I'm good.

  3. We do Valentine's Day after the proper day. Everything is so much less crowded, but we haven't planned anything at all yet.

  4. Yikes! Glad you're okay.

    Also, I like list posts. I'm not always in not in the mood to follow a long, wordy post; sometimes I like getting bitesized snippets of what's on a person's mind.

  5. I'm glad you are ok. I'll have to send the plowmen from my town your way... they seriously overdo the sand and salt!

    I'm feeling the same way about blogging.

    I love Marcel the Shell. Also, can't wait to see the skull tattoo!

  6. I want you to know that I enjoy every single post you place on this blog, and you need not feel insecure about it! The lists are great, the photos are great, and your content is authentic and truthful. Please don't feel that you have to be/post anything other than your true self! I think very highly of you, love your blog daily, and just thought you should know that :)

    -Janelle from Washington State

  7. SO jealous of your ink. I need another one STAT.

    Valentine's Day plans include a date night to Carrabba's, our fave place. :)

    Glad you're okay!!!

  8. Yay more tattoos!!! I don't think I'm doing anything ON Valentines day, but tomorrow I'm celebrating with a v-day party with my best girls. We celebrate all the holidays together, we're just doing this one a bit earlier than usual!

  9. i like list posts. don't knock em. :)
    i'm excited to see your new tattoo...

  10. You're getting it on Valentines day? How romantic. hahaha

    I'm getting another tattoo on Tuesday already. I kind of feel ... not ready yet! Too soon, too soon! Ha, no, I really can't complain!


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