Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Thoughts on Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is always an interesting holiday to me, particularly because the majority of the population seems to feel so strongly about it one way or the other.  To be honest, I've never been all that torn up about Valentine's Day.  I never had boyfriends in middle or early high school (side effect of being insufferably awkward) but my friends and I exchanged goofy cards and chocolates, and my dad always hooked us up with lots of fun goodies.

On my first Valentine's Day as one half of an awesome couple, my now-husband--who at the time was 17--sang me a song he'd written for me in front of our entire school cafeteria.  The day didn't really matter, but it was a pretty convenient excuse to do the sweetest thing ever. Fast forward to 2009, when Rob proposed to me in our living room after singing me a song.

Despite all of these things, I don't have any strong feelings about Valentine's Day one way or the other as a holiday.  Rob and I look at it mostly as an excuse to go out to eat, to cuddle extra tight, and to just take a moment to appreciate our love for one another.

This year, I got a tattoo (as previously mentioned) and Rob did a little bit of packing.  We're going to eat some turkey-feta-onion-spinach burgers on gluten-free bread and snuggle and watch Inkmasters...basically the same thing we do every day.  But part of me still enjoys the pink shit at Walmart  and the endless Facebook statuses (except the ones from people talking about how much better they are than Valentine's Day), if you take it for what it is.

I leave you with my new favorite picture of Robbie and I.  If you're wondering why it's kind of grainy, this is actually a cell phone photo of a film photo.  Don't judge.



  1. i think i feel the same as you regarding valentine's day. i don't get crazy about it and flaunt just how in love i am one single day out of the year, but if chris wants to buy me a pressie, i'll accept ;)

    we ate greek pizza, which i, as always, cooked, and watched a movie. pretty much like any other day of the year, but it was still nice.

    happy valentine's day, friend.

  2. I don't bother with Valentine's Day but that's just because I'm indifferent to it. I don't understand why people get so angry about it - no, it's not strictly necessary, but what's so terrible about a prompt to show someone you love them?

    Glad you had a good day!

  3. Wow so many good memories you have on that day! Hope this one was a good one to add to the collection!

  4. Caleb and I did our Valentine's Day date on Monday (dinner, movie, new lingerie!), so yesterday we celebrated the kids with pink pancakes, Mrs. Fields' cookie cards, and a bubble bath. I like Valentine's Day, and don't care much for the haters.

    Can we talk about "Single Awareness Day"? Oy. OY.

  5. Aw, that is a great photo. You know, I've never been one to go all-out for it but this year I got all dressed up since my little guy was so excited for it, and Ryan and I just did what we always do too... we did have cake and sparkling cider after dinner, but that was actually in honor of my book. I agree with you, it's a great excuse just to show the person you love that you love them. I've heard all kinds of arguments against it but I think most of the time those people just end up making themselves look bitter and silly since there's really never an excuse to not show someone you care about them!

  6. happy belated valentine's day! that picture is so cute. :)

  7. You look adorable in that picture,
    i never realised how lovely your half-sleeve is before now. I love it!

  8. that's my fav pic of you two also!

    anyway, sounds like you had a fun Vday to me! we just stayed in and had dinner at home.. low key but still a good time..



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