Tuesday, February 7, 2012

I'm Going...

...to Santa Fe!

And Robbie, that video is for you.  

My sister and I are currently in Phoenix, slowly making our way to Albuquerque and then Santa Fe.  We'll be in North America's oldest capitol until Saturday and I may or may not be readily available in the land of blerg.  

Wish me luck and please cross your fingers that Rob and I will have a new address by Saturday!  Have a great week, all!


  1. Good luck with the move! I hope all goes well. Safe travels :)

  2. Best of luck finding your new address! Don't let it stress you out too bad!

  3. Good luck and have fun and be careful!!! Here's to an awesome adventure!!

  4. You are the best huntress ever--Cypress must be proud, even if it's just for real estate! Good luck and have fun!

  5. eep!!!!! thinking of you!! so exciting ;)

  6. Good luck! I hope you find a fabulous new place!
    p.s. have that sister of yours CALL ME. for realz!

  7. I thought I was the only nerd who could hear Christian Bale singing every time you mentioned moving to Santa Fe. LOL
    Safe travels & best of luck!


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