Thursday, September 13, 2012

You Should Get Those Links Checked Out.

7 Simple Tasks That Would Have Been Magic Back in the Day.

Women should have the right to choose when or if they have children. Couldn't be clearer to me.

The Breaking Bad Drinking Game. (via Nova)

My Parents Adopted a Murderer. Can I magically write this well, please?

Yet another woman harassed on public transportation for being a woman.  Shit like this makes me feel so fucking sad. (via Nova)

I love tattoo history.

I can never get enough of perfectly-timed photos.  (via Suzy)

Love these 19th-early 20th century drawings by French artists depicting life in the year 2000. (via Nova)

The most honest TLC promo ever. Could probably pass as real.

Pintester: Fucking Up Pinterest Pins So You Don't Have To. (via Alycia)

An xoJane writer shares some of her favorite non-fiction books about plagues, dead people, and freaky diseases.  One of my favorite books I've read recently was about using poison as murder during Prohibition, and I then bought a book called The Rape of Nanking, so this list was right up my alley.

10 Things You Must Give Up to Move Forward. (via Kaelah)

How to Determine if your Religious Liberty is Being Threatened in just 10 Quick Questions.

Jimmy Stewart reading a poem about his dog Beau to Johnny Carson.  Totally had me in tears.

If Schools Were Allowed to Use Sarcasm.

Mitt Romney accidentally confronts a gay veteran. This had me cheering and also totally tearing up.

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