Friday, September 21, 2012

Back Again: The 11 Things Meme

I'm pretty sure I've done this 11 things meme around 11 times now, but it's come back around again and I was tagged by Lauren and Ryan and I think a few other people, and I'm a sucker for memes, so here we go.

You all know the rules: first I'll tell you 11 things about myself, then answer 11 questions (I'm going to do some from Lauren and some from Ryan), ask 11 questions of my own and tag a few bloggers.  If you aren't a fan of memes or feel that you already know too much about me as it is, feel free to skip on by this sonofabitch.

11 Things About Me

1. I used to be terrified of driving, particularly in cities. I grew up in a really rural area so city driving and highway driving were totally unnecessary.  I'm much better now (and don't go 65 in the right-hand lane on the highway anymore).  

2. I can't drink soda. Never have been able to, actually. The carbonation physically hurts my mouth and I hate the feeling when you burp and the bubbles go into your nose.

3. I refuse to read "50 Shades of Grey."

4. I'm more likely to watch the same episodes of the same shows than branch out into new shows or watch movies I've never seen.  

5. Phobia of trains, but you guys knew that 5 or 6 times over already.

6.  I know a lot of people are afraid of public speaking, but I totally fucking relish it. Usually before I teach a class I'm anxious for a few days, and as soon as I start talking I feel totally awesome. 

7. One of my favorite things to do is to write.  I love when I come up with the perfect way to say something. I think it must be how other people feel when they solve puzzles.

8. I fucking hate puzzles.

9. I hate suspense. When I'm watching a suspenseful movie the stress is usually so tough for me to take that I'll hide in the bedroom and just listen to what's going on (this happened recently during the episode of "Breaking Bad" where they robbed the train).

10. I have a reputation among my family and friends for being the one that always answers her phone. Natalie, who at the time had only known me for a couple of months, called once and I didn't answer because for some reason my phone didn't ring; when I called her back she said, "I thought something was wrong, because you always answer your phone!" I think it's left over from when Rob was in Iraq, but my phone never leaves my side and if I don't have it I feel anxious, especially now that everyone knows I'm the one who answers my phone and calls if something is wrong. I'm a great emergency contact to have.

11. I'm really anal retentive about my computer screen being clean. Smudges and other various debris drive me absolutely insane.

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11 Questions Answered

1. What has been your biggest struggle in life?
I guess I'd have to say anxiety, and feeling inadequate in everything I try and do.

2. If I moved to your town, what are the top five tips you'd give me? 
Try a new restaurant every week, because there are tons. Visit a pueblo. See some of the monuments and hike on the mountain behind my house. Walk around downtown for a few hours. When driving make sure to watch at green lights, people run reds like it's their job here.

3. If next year only had one month, which would you choose? 365 days of ...?
May. I might be biased because my birthday is in May, but the weather is gorgeous and spring is finally here so I think it's the perfect month.

4. If you had 24 hours to live, and you weren't wasting your time by freaking out about dying-- what would you do and WHO would you spend your time with, and you have to spend it someone other than your significant other!
My sisters and my parents. And mostly I'd just like to sit around and be normal with them so I could remember those little things.

5. If you were a character in a novel, who would you be? 
Hermione Granger. Frizzy hair, a nerd, she's perfect.

6. What is your favorite dessert?
Slutty brownies. Chocolate chip dough on bottom, then (gluten-free) Oreos, topped with brownie mix.

7. What is your favorite ethnic cuisine?
I really liked Ethiopian but have only had it a few times and probably couldn't eat it now, so I'll say Indian.

8. The first song that comes to mind is ...
"Bakersfield" by Social Distortion.

9. What is your greatest contribution to friendships/relationships?
My friends can correct me if I'm wrong here, but I think I'm a really good listener. Also a good talker, but that's not as valuable.

10. You won an unlimited gift card to any store. Which do you choose?
Probably Amazon because it has everything. Or maybe Express, because then I could buy so many pairs of jeans.

11. What are you looking forward to the most in the next year?
Rob finding another non-fire job, maybe starting to talk about kids, maybe finally buying a house.

11 Questions FOR YOU

1. If you could instantly become a virtuoso at any instrument, what would it be?
2. If you could instantly become fluent in a language, what would it be?
3. What is your greatest contribution to friendships/relationships? (totally stole that one)
4. If you are from the US, what is your state motto? If you aren't from the US, write the best line from your national anthem.
5. What is your vice?
6. Where is the absolute last place you'd ever want to live?
7. What is the best thing about living in your town/city?
8. If you could get paid well to do anything, what would it be?
9. What do you most look forward to about fall (or if you're in another hemisphere, spring!)?
10. If I came to visit you, what's the first touristy thing in your town (or nearby-ish) that you'd bring me to?
11. Who is your favorite author?

I tag:

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Have a lovely Friday, kids!

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