Saturday, September 22, 2012

Patio Nights and Other Things

So for those of you who haven't followed Rob's ridiculous trip home on Twitter or Facebook, suffice it to say he made it home around midday on Thursday and it was just magical.  I'm always amazed at how easily we reacclimate to living together again no matter how long it's been since we last saw each other.  Guess that's why I married the bastard, eh?

Anyway on Thursday night Rob, Amie and I all relaxed on the patio, listening to music and talking about anything and everything and having a few drinks together.  It was nice to just be with my husband and enjoy his presence, something I've been unable to do for far too long now.  We're so happy to finally get back to our version of normal.

I felt sort of "inspired" to take some photos while we were relaxing--none of Robbie because he hates having his picture taken, but just some neat detail shots of the different things we were looking at as we chatted and drank and laughed. I don't know if I emphasize enough how happy I am to have him home but let me tell you, I'm pretty damn happy.


Yesterday Rob and I went out to eat at our favorite restaurant for lunch and spent the day enjoying our time together in between my work.  He has today off but has to go back tomorrow for a few days to clean everything up before the season ends.  I can't wait until he's officially mine again.

We also made steak and corn last night for dinner.  Jeezy creezy you guys, my dad taught me the perfect way to make a juicy, rare steak and I have been cooking the hell out of it.  If you guys are interested I'll share it here because it is shockingly easy, far easier than any other way I've seen to cook a steak.

Well that's all that's going on right now.  Life's back to normal and it feels great. I hope you all have a lovely weekend and forgive this rather random post.

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