Monday, September 24, 2012

Links (Reprise)

Oil paintings on pennies. (via Liz)

A man experiences (a realistic simulation of) childbirth. (via my ma on Facebook)

A Love Story in 22 Pictures.  This was absolutely beautiful, I totally teared up.

Some awesome Facebook Timeline cover photos. (via Cassandra)

How to explain different TV shows to different people.

Sad Impersonators.

How to tell if you're at a hipster wedding.

Lucille Bluth and Mitt Romney meet in this amazing Tumblr.

So dorky but I REALLY want to try this.

I shared this a year ago but it's great--a photography project called Created Equal.

Artist Takes Different Drug Every Day and Draws His Self-Portrait. (via Amie on Facebook)

Musicians' Portraits Made of Their Own CDs.

I kind of want this inspiration pad. Anyone want to buy it for me?

Awesome author quote posters.

Free eBooks.

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