Saturday, September 15, 2012

A Different Kind of "Currently" Post

Lusting after... I am sorry, but not enough bloggers talk about how bone-alicious our significant others are and seriously ladies, we should. We are red-blooded females with legitimate needs and urges.  I am totally lusting after my sexy-ass husband and I don't care who knows it.  He's been gone for the majority of the last six months, and more recently close to a solid month, so you do the sex-math. I'm ready for some lovin' from the sexiest man I know. DEAL WITH IT.

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My sexy face. WATCH OUT. Just kidding, I was crying in this photo after finding out Rob would be gone for another week.

Cutting off... A person I've spent far too much energy on.  I hate writing passive-aggressive nonsense like this and I know how annoyingly it comes across, but the fact is the main "event" that occurred with this person was close to a year ago and I didn't have the lady-nuts to confront them about it at that point.  If I did it now I'd just be a petty, grudgey weirdo.  Plus from what I've seen this person wouldn't really care or apologize, and that's fine by me. Anyway, it feels good to end an association with a person who has been downright disrespectful to not only me but to a few good friends of mine, and as silly as it sounds I'm always proud of myself when I move on from a toxic connection.

Sitting on... My bed. Since the living room has become Amie's "bedroom" I do most of my work and computering from my bed.  It's a really stupid idea in terms of carpal tunnel and my back, but it's comfy and it's Saturday so suck it.

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Beating myself up for... Finishing my story but not being happy enough with it to share. I'm not sure I'm ready to accept even the kindest of criticism, so I decided to leave the story alone and come back to it later.

Totally dreading... Waiting another four and a half fucking days until I hug and sex up my husband again.

Sympathizing with... My darling prodigal husband.  He called me unexpectedly (for longer than 3 minutes!) to tell me that his wisdom tooth became infected again and he had to go into a clinic in town to get it looked at. Like when he got his Purple Heart, I was so upset that he was hurting but secretly happy that it meant we actually got to talk.  He thought that the clinic staff would just give him antibiotics and pain meds, but turns out his "shit was pretty fucked up," so to speak, and they had to remove the tooth with only local anesthesia.  Now he's back out in the woods with a sore tooth-hole and I wish he was here so I could snuggle him and give him some old-fashioned Caitlin-healing.

Shirking... My dog-owner responsibilities.  I haven't been great about walking Cypress as far as she normally goes and she's been a little antsy.  Today I took her to daycare (which she loves) so that she could get some doggy exercise and socialization.  I feel like in the future I might end up being one of those parents who drops their kids off at daycare for a day to get a bit of a break, does that make me a bad person?

Skyping with... Jessica and Suzy! Jess and I actually shared shots (me around 5, her 2, but we'll make up that discrepancy soon) which was so much fun, and Suzy and I met at midnight my time and talked for 2 1/2 hours about accents and cultural differences and everything in between. Can I just say that I love my awesome internet friends? I don't care how nerdy I sound. And sorry I didn't get a picture of you, Suzy!

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  1. You know, it never occurred to me to drink with someone via skype. My mind has been blown and I can't wait to do this now.


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