Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Confessions on a Tuesday

1. The other night I had a vivid dream in which Robbie requested that we take a break, and shortly thereafter I was seduced by Sir Patrick Stewart.  The last sexy sort of dream I had was about Bill Nighy.  I have no idea where this secret affinity for aging British actors comes from, and I have no shame in talking about it on my blog.

2. I've been thinking vaguely about a portrait tattoo and one of the top contenders as a subject is Rod Serling.

3. Sometimes when I am part of an audience that is applauding I feel like that we objectively must kind of look like a bunch of chimpanzees. When you think about it clapping is pretty ridiculous.

4. I'm not looking forward to 2013 because I hate odd numbers, and especially 13.

5. I never knew it before but it turns out I'm a huge nerd for sci-fi stories.

6. I've never smoked before, but if I watch enough episodes of "Mad Men" I will find myself craving a cigarette.

Happy Tuesday, friends! After all, what is Tuesday if not a watered-down Monday?

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  1. Oh my god weird. I hate even numbers and I specifically told Christian not to propose in 2012 for this reason but he likes even numbers so he did.... But I win koz we get married in 2013!!!!!


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