Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Why My Dog and I are the Same Person

I remember a few months ago or so, my mother-in-law told me that Cypress and I were one of those dog-owner duos that resemble each other.  Honestly I think it's the wide-eyed stare and near-constant anxiety.  And maybe the drool.

Today I had to take Cypress to the vet for a dental procedure--essentially they knocked her the hell out and then chipped away the tartar that's built up on her teeth.  In the long-term this will help prevent infections that can stem from tooth decay and also from all her teeth rotting out of her skull.  As I dropped her off I realized that Cypress and I have a lot more in common emotionally than I feel most people should have with their dogs.

I just realized that all of these have to do with anxiety.  Telling, eh?

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1. For one, Cypress and I both anticipate upcoming events. When it's time to walk, and we haven't left yet, Cypress will pace, stare, and generally act panicky until we've left.

2. We both need to be "hugged" or snuggled when we're feeling unstable. For Cypress, she wedges herself between my knees when she starts to feel anxious.  I personally make Rob hug me for an awkward amount of time.

3. Our minds race when we feel worried.  Obviously I can't really speak to Cypress's mind since, you know, she's a dog, but I can tell by her manic reactions that she must have a similar thought process as me.

4. Our go-to stress reaction is to cry.  For Cypress this comes out more as a crazed whine, but maybe other people would say the same of me.

5. Our anxiety builds off the anxiety of the other one.  If Cypress is uncomfortable (like today, as she recuperates) I can feel my heart pounding.  Cypress can feel my worry from the other room and will usually react accordingly.

6. We both think that Rob is pretty much the best thing ever. Like seriously, ever.

7. We both have really nice eyebrows...and now, nice clean teeth!

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