Tuesday, July 17, 2012

A Post About Nothing

I am officially not going to stress about to coherence of this post.  And if you make it through it, I will reward you with a photo of a bunny.

Can anyone else believe that this summer is almost halfway over? I've been feeling really conflicted about this fact, since summer is my favorite season but winter this year means that I'll have Rob all to myself for 6 straight months.  Plus we're planning some pretty badass activities (including a possible trip to Europe, maybe a few new tattoos, a cross-country drive to Maine for a month or so, and lots of snuggles) so for the first time since childhood I have some very positive associations with winter.

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Robbie and I were talking the other day about how despite the fact that we've been apart before, and that we have been apart for most of this summer, it never gets easier being away from each other.  Quite  to the contrary, actually, it seems to get more difficult. Rob is of the mind that it's impossible to really "get used" to something like this and that it's more likely that we're just getting more burned out and more tired.  Makes sense, I suppose. I know a lot of people think it's ridiculous that two people could be so attached to one another, but it's just how we are.  Neither of us have felt a need to spend time away from the other or ever needed a break, ever.  The man's my best friend and I think I could spend every second with him.

I know it sounds like everything is all doldrum-y sadness around these parts but that's far from the truth.  It's difficult but I've been keeping busy and hanging out a lot with awesome new friends, as well as planning some trips for the end of this summer (get ready, Michelle and Lindsey!).  My friend Amie is coming to stay with us for awhile in early September, and we're planning on checking out the Grand Canyon and California once Robbie's done with fire season.  All in all, despite the difficulty, I think I will be able to confidently say that 2012 was a great summer.

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You know what my favorite part of the X-Files is? Seeing all the outdated technology and shitty special effects.  I saw Scully typing away on what appeared to be a laptop, but when they showed the blue screen with DOS font I realized that it was just a word processor.  Isn't it crazy to think that I carry around a super-computer in my hand that can do more than the machines that were used to power space shuttles not all that long ago? Sometimes I like to imagine what our world would look like to a person from, say, 1950, who just magically appeared here.  Something like Star Trek used to, I would imagine. Oh, you want to hear any fucking song in the world? Here, let me do that for you.  Want to communicate with someone 10,000 miles away in real time? NBD motherfucker. Am I the only one that thinks this kind of stuff?

Well there you go, a post that I didn't stress at all about.  And since I'm a girl of my word:

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