Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Links for You

These hedgehogs are sorry you had a rough day.

88 Books that Shaped America.

I'm in love with all of this Arrested Development tribute art. (via Nova)

Ray Bradbury Predictions Fulfilled. (via Nova)

(Everything) in a Jar: Handmade Gifts. I know, I know, a DIY post, but I love this idea!

Check out this camera that can shoot in 1000 megapixels. Most computers can only hold one of these photos.

The Grand Canyon, three ways. I've only seen the South Rim (since we had to do quick trips) but I think I'm going to take Rob to the North Rim when we go in October.

How McDonald's Burgers are Photographed.  Call me gross, but I can't eat fast food burgers because of the celiac disease and I really miss them.

A Supercut of Every Movie Ever Screened on Mystery Science Theater 3000.  If you aren't a total nerd like me you may not appreciate this but I will say that I watched the entire thing. (via Betsey)

These fruit and veggie skulls are both awesome and terrifying.

People who say they're moving to Canada because of ObamaCare.  Good luck guys!

Screwy portraits.

36 Terrible Sex Tips for Men. Did you know that 81% of women do not want you to try anal sex without asking?

You guys have to know by now that I'm so into this shit - Classic Photos of Celebrities.

Play old Game Boy Color games using HTML5! This kept me busy for some time.

You've probably seen this photo of a disfigured Marine and his wife on their wedding day; here is the entire photographic set with their story.

This note from a kid made me laugh.

Crafts made from Altoid Tins!

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