Monday, July 23, 2012

Links from Another Dimension

The Ultimate Assault: Charting Syria's Use of Rape to Terrorize its People.


Why Millenial Women Don't Want to Lead.

The "busy" trap. Thanks to a college friend, Susanna, for these last two links.

Geology: surprisingly erotic.

The Competition is Killing Us: When Social Media Makes You Feel Like Crap.

Individualism in Overdrive.  Very interesting article about "me first" ideology.

Take the 1930s Marital Scale Test to find out if you would have been considered a good spouse in the 1930s. For your reference, I received a score of -7 (Very Poor - Failure). Funny, that was in my wedding vows!

What's Wrong with #firstworldproblems.

28 Sexy Pictures of Older Actors When They Were Young. I'd do all of them, ladies included. Especially John Slattery, but I'd probably do him now too. (via Nova)

Video games vs. real life.

If Video Game Characters Got the Deaths They Deserve.

This is fucking depressing: Rich Kids of Instagram.

Meet the woman with 500 life-like horror dolls that she treats like real babies.

This story about helping a deaf and blind man cross the street totally warmed my heart. So beautiful. (via Suzy and Nova)

9 Great Non-Believers in U.S. History.

This might be the best headline ever: 600-Year-Old Bra and Underwear Discovered in Austrian Castle.

25 Best Pieces of Breaking Bad Fan Art.

I feel like this could come in handy: Icon Finder.

L-O-V-E makes the world go W-E-I-R-D.

Um, what?

These bikers help abused children feel safe. How sweet and awesome is this?

Hyper-realistic finger painted portraits.

The 50 Cutest Things That Ever Happened. (via Nova)

Drag Queens: Before and After.  Thanks to my friend Karen for this!

Hilarious and adorable: a 6-year old judges books by their covers. (thanks Meg!)

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