Saturday, July 14, 2012

A Study in Fire Season Playlists

Early on in therapy, before my therapist got to know me pretty well, she suggested soothing music as a way to relax when I was feeling stressed.  For me, however, "soothing" music (which I consider to be of the indie hipster genre...Bon Iver and other insufferably sleepy stuff) actually causes me more anxiety than calm.

When I'm feeling sad or anxious, the best kind of music for me is loud, energetic, and melodic, particularly in the genres of punk, country, and Celtic rock.  I've always had sensitive hearing and tend to shy away from loud sounds, but when I'm feeling off, blasting (and singing along to) awesome music as loud as I can is one of the only things that can actually make me feel better.  I think it's because the loud music drowns out my endless cycle of nasty thoughts, but that's just a guess.  In an attempt to make this process easier, I made myself a "Fire Mix - Happy" playlist for those times when it feels like my brain is working against itself.

All that said, sometimes I just like to listen to sad music and fucking wallow.  I still don't generally listen to sleepy shit, but still, it's music more appropriate for wallowing. I made a playlist for that too - "Fire Mix - Sad."

I wanted to share these playlists with you guys and ask for your advice on any songs you think might fit either of their criteria.

As you can see there's no real consistency in content; the topics of these songs range from drug use and drinking, to infidelity, to losing your job, to plain old absurd nonsense.  It's mostly about the melody and the rhythm, what can I say?

Fire Mix - Happy

1. CCR - "Bad Moon Rising" 
2. CCR - "Out my Back Door"
3. Flogging Molly - "Revolution"
4. Hank Williams III - "Medley: Satan is Real/Straight to Hell"
5. Social Distortion - "Far Side of Nowhere"
6. Social Distortion - "Still Alive"
7.  Social Distortion - "Sick Boys"
8. Social Distortion - "When She Begins"
9. Flogging Molly - "Likes of You Again"
10. Flogging Molly - "Tobacco Island"
11. Hank Williams III - "Smoke and Wine"
12. Hank Williams III - "Crazed Country Rebel"
13. Mike Ness - "Don't Think Twice"
14. Mike Ness - "Ballad of a Lonely Man"
15. Mumford & Sons - "Little Lion Man"

Fire Mix - Sad

1. Dan Andriano in the Emergency Room - "This Light"
2. Gotye - "Somebody that I used to Know"
3. Hank Williams, Jr. (and Sr.) - "Tear in my Beer" (I know, I know)
4. Alkaline Trio - "Fine"
5. The Band Perry - "If I Die Young" (I know)
6. Dan Andriano in the Emergency Room - "Hurricane Season"
7. Social Distortion - "Diamond in the Rough"
8. Social Distortion - "Bakersfield"
9. Nick 13 - "Nighttime Sky"

What music do you guys listen to when you're feeling anxious or sad?

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