Thursday, September 1, 2011

Things I Love Thursday

Need some writing material? Check out these 80 Journal Writing Prompts.

Disney princesses in accurate period costume.

Check out this DIY string tree wall mural!

I love pictures of abandoned houses.

I would give anything to live in the town with no roads.

These super-easy Halloween treats make me sad that I'll be in AZ for Halloween. And that I have celiac disease and can't easily make all of them.

Should I buy this hoodie from Mungo Crafts? Go ahead and say yes.

Animals face to face.

Space-saving tiny apartment in New York...such an awesome utilization of space!

Shipwreck pictures fascinate and frighten me.

Rubik's Cube cake? Yes please!

This "Reflections" Photography Project is truly amazing.

Check out this neat DIY that Lindsay did!

I think I could spend hours watching the videos on this site.

Have a lovely Thursday everyone!


  1. yes that cake is awesome. i saw it a couple of weeks ago hehe. and yes, buy the mungo hoodie!

  2. Thursdays are my favorite because I love your posts :) I love the animal photos, halloween foods, and I'll be making the 5 min cake today :) also, we need to go to the town with no roads, I think it would be a fun trip!

  3. Oh my, that photography project is so cool yet so sad.

    I love that cake! Random fact: I can solve a Rubik's cube! My best time is just under 2 minutes. :)

    And thanks for sharing the writing prompts! I could use that on days that I feel stumped and in a writing rut.

  4. UM. I need some of that Rubik's cube cake ASAP. That's awesome!!

  5. i didn't know that you have celiac disease! me too! holidays are kind of a bummer sometimes foodwise.....

  6. I loved all of this!
    I'll be making some GF version of a lot of those Halloween treats this year. I've made a few of those things similarly before. =]

  7. LOVE the hoodie!!! Oh and you can totally do GF versions of the Halloween party food! In fact I want to try to do the bones out of Chebe bread at ours that would be so cool!

  8. Those shipwrecks are bananas. I felt my chest constricting as I looked at them.


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