Thursday, September 1, 2011

That's a Good Band Name

Confession: I have a tendency to latch on to a particular phrase for anywhere from a month to several years.  I'll find a way to work that phrase into just about any situation, including client meetings. 

My husband and I said "shut it down!" about 70 times in reference to a friend of ours who was having relationship troubles the other day.

The most recent refrain to be heard in our house is, "That would be a great band name."

So far, here are our great band names:

1. Snuggling Scritious (one of Cypress's many nicknames)
2. Rumrunners, Bootleggers & Moonshiners (History Channel, what what?)
3. Fish Winterkill (Heard this at one of Rob's science geek presentationy things)
4. Source of Truth (I actually told a client this would be a good band name when he said it)
5. Masycoom (a good Captcha I got one day...I think this would be best for an Indie band)
6. Bitch Triangle (thanks Nova!)
7. Social Astronomy (my husband is a nerd and reads Discovery News every day)

If any of you are inspired to start a band you officially have my permission to use any of the above names. Except maybe the last one, that's not mine.

How is your week going?  Any plans for the weekend?  Rob and I are going camping this weekend with my sister and some friends and I am so excited.

Also, does anyone have any questions for me that could be answered in a vlog? I know I just requested questions a few weeks ago, but I really don't want to just talk about anything because trust me that would be dangerous. 

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  1. Yeah, nobody use Bitch Triangle, unless you're a trio of lesbian hardcore musicians. Then you may.

  2. My friends & I do the exact same thing with band names LOL. Our most ongoing on is 'Deflated Barns' because it sounds so ridiculous and we're all so extremely un-talented when it comes to musicianship (we just all wanna work in the industry, ironic!)

  3. i love the last one....i might have to steal that one from you. haha, i would never be in a band.

    did you go to college? if so, what did you major in? :)

  4. Hahhaha I love the first one. Awesome band names.

    Belly B :)

  5. what about 'the jaundiced barfbags'? that's our rockband name. :-D

    oh, and please quit advertising for that giveaway. i want to win, dangit!

  6. Hey Caitlin! What a small world the blogging world can be! Sounds like things are going wonderfully for you both!

  7. Being my father's daughter, I had to comment on here...this has basically summarized my whole life growing up in the household of G Nichols. His lifelong 'phrase' is "...which, by the way, would be an EXCELLENT name for a rock band." Word combos he's said that about would fill an encyclopedia-length tome, as he's basically saying it several times a day.


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