Tuesday, August 30, 2011

What I'm Wearing & Other Bits and Pieces

I hate to admit it, but I've kind of been enjoying these outfit posts.

The below dress I bought from Chloe Loves Charlie a few months ago.  When it came I was super excited because it's super cute but unfortunately it was a wee bit short, and I have stubby legs.

So I ended up buying some lacy black bicycle shorts from American Apparel to make it into this little ensemble:


Yes, those are Chuck Taylors that I am rocking with this outfit.  Every time I buy a dress I ask Rob what shoes I should wear with it and he without fail says "Chuck Taylors."  He thinks, perhaps correctly, that they are the most versatile shoes ever.  I could also wear some cute ballet flats with it, but don't tell him I said that.

Want to guess why I changed out of my ubiquitous pajama pants and donned this outfit?  Maybe lunch with a friend? An impromptu shopping trip?  A trip to Hannaford to pick up my Nuvaring prescription and some deodorant?

I'll leave you to figure out which of those is correct. Sexy and awesome and oversharing, thy names are Caitlin.

Anyway here are some bits and pieces from this week:

1. I found out this week that I will be in Arizona for the entire month of October.  As in, no coming home.  Rob and I haven't been apart for this long since the Army, so I am developing some anxiety about this.  However, I've decided that contrary to other projects, I am going to make the absolute best of this time in Arizona.  I've already made plans with this girl, this girl, and this girl, and I'm determined to not stay inside my room and mope all month long.  I'm planning to make a whole blog feature about it, describing all the fun things I do in Arizona and posting a ton of pictures.  Anyone have any ideas of things to do while I'm in Arizona?

2. So Hurricane Irene hit, and if you haven't noticed it really wasn't that big of a damn deal here in Maine.  The wedding I photographed went off without a hitch and I was able to successfully get home at the end.  This particular experience showed me the point to which I tend to "awfulize" upcoming stressful situations and how they always end up not being all that bad.  I woke up the morning of the wedding sobbing from anxiety.  I plan on writing a post about this later this week or next week.

3. Has anyone see the show Mystery Science Theater 3000?  This is one of my and Rob's favorite shows and we're watching it now.  Just thought I'd ask because if you haven't seen it, you should.

4. I was surprised to find that more people stared at and commented on my tattoos in Daytona Beach and Boston than anyone ever has in my tiny Western Maine town.  I wonder why that is.

5. Guess whose husband is about to start his last year of college? So proud of him and excited to start this next chapter.

6. I'm thinking of vlogging.  Anyone have the slightest interest in seeing this?

7. Don't forget about the Flourish bracelet giveaway! You have until Friday!

This was a random post.  For those of you who made it through it, 3000 blog points and my eternal devotion.

Have a lovely week!


  1. LOVE that outfit. :) Chucks DO go with everything. I need a pair!

  2. I totally wear the chucks with many things too, causing my BF to comment that I look like a kid at the playground or something when I wear them with a skirt lol.

    Vlogging-yes! I might try soon too--I gotta share that good news I've been talking about:)

    Mystery Science theatre is awesome-been watching it lots on Netflixx. Please tell me you've watched the Zombie Nightmare ep? If not you should! It has voodoo, zombies and ADAM WEST!

  3. What a cutie! I love that dress and I love that you wore it with lacy bike shorts! And Chucks!

  4. i really wish that i could be visiting my in-laws in AZ while you are there! :)

    and yep, chucks go with anything and everything. it's actually a government law, i think.

  5. You rock the cutest and coolest dresses. I'm jealous! Your style is so great. I'm excited to hear about your time in Arizona!! And thankfully, technology should help with keeping in touch with Rob more, like Skype!! Boo for anxiety around the wedding though :( I'll totally watch your Vlog!! I'm checking out that giveaway asap!

  6. also...totally random...but i got pregnant with gage on the nuvaring. but i think maybe i just have a weird vagina, because sometimes it would fall out when i would pee.

    how's that for over-sharing? thy name is deanna. :-D

  7. If you are going to Prescott to visit Danielle (Sometimes Sweet), that's where I live too! Just look at my glimpses of Arizona for fun stuff to do, especially all my gluten free Arizona posts. =]
    Also, I'd like to see your vlog! I vlog like once a week but always feel too awkward and embarrassed to actually post it.

  8. LOVE this outfit, you are beautiful! Also, Deanna, my in-laws are in AZ, too! Wish we were there when you are! And I would totally love to see your vlog. If I can share my ridiculous southern accent with the whole world, anyone can do it!!

  9. Yes! Vlog! I've been wanting to too for the last few weeks.

  10. Um, MY almost-husband just started HIS last year of college, too! You have your Chucks, I have my flip-flops. Even. And vlogging...I think I do it. I mean, do our dance posts count as vlogs?! :-)

  11. that dress is adorable! i love the polka dots and the open back is darling. i'm a big fan of pairing dresses with unlikely shoes...i personally wear vans sneakers with EVERYTHING.
    DO THE VLOG! i said this to you via twitter, but i love hearing people's voices! do it! also, in regard to your comment on my blog, please please please come to california! i would LOVE to meet you in real life and we would have so much fun. though, boyfriend and i are due for an east coast trip so i feel like we will probably be meeting in the near future! happy wednesday girlie!

  12. Cuuuuuuuute dress!! I like how it shows off all your tattoos (I feel like I'm always saying that). I also like that you paired it with Cons hahaha. I wore those the ENTIRE time I was in Greece... They really do go with anything and everything.

    I find a lot of people at the beach like commenting on tattoos. One of the girls I went to Greece with is heavily tattooed as well and got a lot of comments about them on certain beaches. It's strange how it's only in some places and not others!

    And holy crap, a month in Arizona?! That's really cool!! It must be stressful for you to think of being away from Rob for so long, but you're meeting a ton of bloggers and I'm really jealous of that and you're going to have the best time :) Rob will be right there waiting for you, as he always is!

  13. So cute, Caitlin, as usual!

    I also believe Chucks go with pretty much anything!

    I can't believe you and Robbie will be apart for so long, but it sounds like you're going to be meeting such cool folks. Good for you!

  14. love the look! bicycle shorts fix anything ;)
    i am also a true believer that chucks ALSO go with anything
    xox dana

  15. the dress is perfect on you, with your shoes and hair and everything. adorable!

  16. Rachel GamertsfelderSeptember 1, 2011 at 7:50 PM

    Just for the record... Chucks do go with everything! Love it!


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