Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Warm Weather, Dead Bugs & Feeling Fulfilled

So I posted yesterday about therapeutic ways to ground yourself and to avoid disengaging from your surroundings.

But if I'm honest, there are some other things that have been helping keep me out of the neverending spiral of fear and anxiety.

1. Going bug-catching with my nerdler husband.  Rob's in a Conservation Bio class and part of his project is to catch and [humanely] kill butterflies, damselflies, and dragonflies to study them.  For those of you who find this cruel, keep in mind that the insects would be dying soon anyway because of frost and feel no pain.


2. Watching a friend's team kick ass at their rugby game and enjoy inexplicable 80-degree temperatures.

3. Going on a quiet walk with just my beastie and enjoying the fall.


These things help me feel grounded and happy.  No matter what is going on outside, I know I always have my adoring husband and my slobbery, but lovely, beastie-pie.  Sorry to get all mushy on you but, what can I say?  I'm a lucky lady.

Also, I might be getting a spontaneous tattoo this week.  NBD.


  1. Amazing pictures! It's so pretty where you live! I'm glad you're doing fun things and appreciating what you have. Also, if you do get that tattoo, I can't wait to see it!

  2. gotta love the beasties....they are always there for you! unless they run away, like mine.

    man, i just love fall. your pictures make me want to be in maine.

  3. Cute dog!


  4. I love the adventures of you and your nerdler husband! And what? A spontaneous tattoo? Yay!

    Also, when I grow up, I wanna take pictures like you...

  5. I love this post! And the picture of your husband with the net... cute! yall are adorable together. goodness! Also.. tattoo?! YES! I cant waitttt for my guy to be in town.. ive been craving something new. haha.

  6. i hate you maine, and your 80 degree days. it was a balmy 57 here yesterday.

    it did get up to 60-something at one point, briefly, if i'm honest. but i am in a wallow-in-my-own-misery type of mood. so blah.

  7. Gorgeous pictures!

    I have many things similar to this that keep me grounded.

  8. Thanks for sparing the bugs and cold cruel death! Sounds like fun to go hunting for bugs again...like being a big kid!

  9. that warm weather will have you perfectly primed for your month in prescott...its been pretty warm here lately. although...i don't know if i can say the same for your homecoming...you better bring something warm for the trip home! haha!

  10. Beautiful post. There's so much to make you feel good this time of year.

  11. Cute outfit in that picture! Also gorgeous picture of that butterfly. I really like this post, it's true there are such specific things that make each of us de-stress and feel more grounded almost immediately.


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