Tuesday, September 13, 2011

What I'm [Honestly] Wearing & Other Bits and Pieces

Have a seat, blog friends, I want to be straight with you.

Usually, when planning an outfit post, I pick a particularly cute outfit, put on make-up and make sure my hair is perfectly in place.  This facade that I have created isn't totally honest.

So I thought I would do an actually honest outfit post.  This is the outfit I threw on from clothes on my bedroom floor this morning--skinny jeans from AE that are too big and a shirt that is falling apart.  I put on no make-up minus some eyebrow pencil-ness because of my right eyebrow's propensity for partially disappearing in pictures.  But now that fall is coming, I have fewer and fewer cute outfits I can comfortably wear and I'm quickly transitioning to "jeans and shirt and Sambas" time. If I'm totally honest with myself, most days I look a lot worse than this (think purple-striped pajama pants and an oversized blue sweatshirt that says "Colbert/Stewart 2008"), but this is all I'm comfortable releasing at this time.

Without further ado, here I am, what I look like most days, pose included:


Pull that shirt down, hippie! And find a better-lit corner for self-portraits!
Other bits & pieces from this week:

1. My sister, mother, Rob and I were planning on taking a trip to NYC to see the new 9/11 Memorial and also take a ton of pictures in front of 30 Rock.  Alas, after we bought the train tickets we found out that you need a pass to go to the memorial, and none are available until mid-October.  Makes sense, but we were still pretty bummed. Luckily we got a full refund so no harm, no foul.  Also, we're thinking of going to NYC anyway in November or December for some Rockefeller ice skating!

2. I got such a positive response on my vlog last week that I'm already planning another one for this Friday.  I'll be linking up with Lindsay again so stay tuned for my next list of Little Things!

3. Thanks again for all your opinions on my Shameless Promotion post.  I think I'm going to start up some type of sponsorship program in October, but we'll see.  Stay tuned for this as well!

4. I bragged to Rob that I was going to make a hot fudge brownie sundae while he was in class, but caved when he begged me to wait for him.  He's too damn cute.

5. Today I was reading an article on how lame and "sad" tattoos are (these always rile me up, not sure why I read them) and I have to say that it really annoys me when people call tattoos a "fad."  Slap bracelets were a fad.  Acid-washed jeans were a fad (that hipsters seem to want to bring back, granted).  Leisure suits were a fad. Tattoos have been around for thousands of years, before organized religion or modern civilization, and have been more or less mainstream in the U.S. since the 1940s.  Fads by definition do not last, and tattoos have more than stood the test of time.  Don't like tattoos? Fine. I really couldn't care less.  Just don't minimize the experience of those of us who do or pull the self-righteous moral superiority card and expect tattooed people to care or listen.  As I saw once in a tattoo shop, "The only difference between a tattooed person and a person who isn't tattooed is that a tattooed person doesn't care if you're tattooed or not." End rant.

6. One upside to the above post was that I found a comment that I rather liked.  It's kind of corny but I like the sentiment: "Don't think of tattoos as being something put on skin, but as something that had to come to the surface."

I hope you all have a fabulous rest of the week, full of sunshine, warmth, and good vibes.


  1. I heard there's a pretty awesome NYC wedding happening some Friday in November. ;-)

  2. you are sooo cute. i love that you look good in ANYthing!


  3. Yeah, Caitlin, I don't think anything could prevent you from looking adorable! Looking forward to your next vlog!

  4. I'm doing a vlog link up on Thursday and I can't wait!! Mmm I want a hot fudge sundae :) Sounds yummy! I really love your outfit too, btw, you think you're awkward but you are NOT!

  5. Rachel GamertsfelderSeptember 13, 2011 at 5:44 PM

    Love it, and agree about the Tattoo's, they aren't a fad at all, and never will be, also tattoo's are a way of expressing one self, and are ultimately a form of art. So what's not better then being a walking, talking, form of art.

  6. If I ever did an honest outfit post it would look a lot like yours, and you don't look bad so don't worry ;)Except mine would probably involve my American Apparel hoodie which basically lives on me in the fall. Also tattoos are definitely not a fad but I have to admit I've seen some pretty crazy ones in the last few years now that they're becoming a more popular thing. That being said I love yours & stop reading those articles lol!!

  7. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this post, especially those quotes about tattoos. I love mine, I love that others have them, and I think they're awesome.

  8. I completely agree with you about tattoos! I don't have any (yet!), but my dad has quite a lot (full sleeves, full back, + one on his leg), so I grew up being told that, "tattoos are great and it's fine if you want them, but wait until you're a little older and VERY, VERY sure of what you want." I'm so excited to get my first, which I plan to do once I fully move out on my own.

    Also, I love that you did an honest outfit post!

  9. Love your outfit picture and your honesty!
    And I love that quote from the tattoo article too! (and I completely agree with you on that topic 100%!)

  10. hahaha....i was actually talking to someone earlier this week about how i need to post pictures of the outfits that i wear on the days that i stay at home and do nothing but take care of the kids.

    i think that may have been a run on sentence.

  11. also...my word verification for that last comment was 'hairipart.' huh.

  12. yesss i love the jeans & tee outfit! so casual & comfortable. it's so easy to throw on a dress and sandals in the summertime, but in colder weather, you have to make such a bigger effort to get dressed and look cute!
    i had someone tell me the other day that if i got more tattoos, it would be like scribbling all over a picasso. as in, destroying something beautiful. i was so shocked i didn't say anything, but the more i think about it, the more offended i get. tattoos are beautiful, and i feel like they ADD to someone's beauty and personality, not ruin it! silly people ;)

  13. I think I've given up on what I wore posts because with me working from home, I usually stay in pajamas. And well, like you, I'm in no hurry to show off my poorly coordinated clothing.

    Love how honest you are miss.

  14. I'm going to admit that I'm ever so slightly envious of your possible skating date at Rockerfeller. I've totally turned it into a magical, romactic adventure thanks to movies and tv. If you go will you please have a hot chocolate and think of me? Unless you're opposed to hot chocolate of course. I can settle for hard liquor.

  15. Ok, you are gorgeous. Dolled up or not... so pretty!
    And that is a bummer about your NY trip... but going during the holidays will be so fun and special!

  16. I love how honest this is because of course we all go all-out before we do an outfit post. You still look super beautiful! :)

    I just became your newest follower! I would love for you to check out our blog & follow us back if you'd like. :)

    Also, we are doing a giveaway for a Tiffany & Co. necklace!


  17. lookin' good Cait! I personally love too-big skinny jeans : )

    also, thinking about getting my first tattoo. I told myself I'd wait a year after I decided on it, so next September... we'll see!

    (--BUT-- I'm so commitment-phobic I can't even pierce my ears. So this is going to be an interesting decision.)

    also-- "pose included?" heehee : )

  18. HA! I LOVE this!
    More honesty is need in this ole blog world ;)

  19. mmhmmmm, i can TOTALLY relate to this! when i see "what i'm wearing" posts i always wonder if they actually look that legit and pulled together on a daily basis, or if i'm just so chronically casual (translation: sloppy) on a daily basis that i just don't get how to look nice! so yeah, the few times i've done an outfit post, it's been some real work! my regular uniform is a t-shirt with holes in it (thanks to flojo), a pair of old shorts, and if i'm lucky, some lip balm.

    and the tattoo thing, i only have one, but i still know that some people get really weird about it. i don't really think it's any different than having your ears pierced. i guess that just goes to show how shallow some people are.

  20. whaaaat...

    i want to go to NYC and go skating! i can't skate but that's beside the point. the point is I WANT TO.

    and go to see the 30 rock building????? HELL YES.


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