Friday, August 12, 2011

End of the Week Positivity

Can I just say how happy I am that it's Friday? We have a very full weekend planned, what with session #2 for my matryoshka tattoo and getting together with these ladies again for some homemade Chipotle meals.

It's been kind of a tough week filled with poisonous thoughts about my own inadequacy.  I'd write a huge post about it, but you guys have seen many of those from me and this would probably be more of the same.  So in lieu of an epic depression/anxiety post, I would like to focus on what made me really happy this week:

1. Going hiking with Robbie and the ladies again at Saddleback Mountain. Because Amie is recovering from a sprained ankle, she and I only hiked the first two miles and then chilled out by and on a serene pond while Rob and the Sara(h)s hiked the remaining 3 miles, did actual work, and then hiked back to us.  It was a really relaxing day and Amie was great company.  Plus I like coming home at the end of the day and feeling actually tired, rather than feeling only pure mental exhaustion.

2. The fact that I said, "tell me what the rest of our life is going to be like," to Rob while cuddling and laughing on the couch and he responded with, "this." Exactly the answer I was looking for.

3. Our Hannaford has been selling corn from a local farm here and it is delicious.  You guys, seriously.  Sweetest, most flavorful corn ever. We've been modifying our meal plans to accommodate more local corn.

4. My husband coming home this afternoon from work saying, "I get a whole weekend with my lady!"

5. The fact that I cannot hide anything from Rob, and how he knows before I even do that I'm upset about something.

6. Getting pizza after our hike with some of the ladies, and Rob insisting that he make me a gluten-free pizza since our favorite restaurant was out of gluten-free dough.

7. Tattoo session #2 for the matryoshka lady tomorrow (yeah, a repeat, what?)!

8. Salad night with Robbie!  I had caprese salad inspired by this lovely lady.

9. Receiving really sweet, uplifting Twitter messages from Ashley, SarahMaryam, Joyful Sparrow, and Lindsay after expressing sadness that I lost a few blog followers (I know, wah wah wah). Thanks ladies, you are all so lovely.

10. This song coming on Pandora and Rob saying to me, "So are you going to dance with me and Cypress or what?"  Keep in mind that this occurred in the middle of writing this blog post.
What made you happy this week? I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


  1. There is nothing that sweet, summer corn can't cure. : )

    I hope you have a wonderful weekend!



  2. I love the love you celebrate so sweetly with your man, the two of you are so blessed! And that salad, my goodness, I am totally on a mission to make that this weekend! Have a wonderful time this weekend!!

  3. We both have such nice Robs. Mine is on his way to see me after a week apart. I have a special dinner planned. :D

    You aren't inadequate. You are wonderful and beautiful. Just tell yourself that every day. I know what it is like to suffer from depression and anxiety. I was diagnosed as bipolar in HS, so I feel so conflicted sometimes. (Thats the understatement of the year) I try really hard not to let a label own me, but let's face it... you and I both know, a lot of the time depression and anxiety are the boss. I should also mention I go on this Bi-P journey med free-- so really.. my life is totally and completely chaotic sometimes.

    I just started this new thing; I have a morning routine now where I pamper myself every morning. I just have to wake up 30 mins earlier (which is nothing) and it makes a world of a difference! I do something a little different every day.

    I hope you have a beautiful weekend.


    Ryan @

  4. #9---how?!

  5. Yay! Another gluten free blogger :)

    Losing followers is always sad - I am so pleased to see you have some happy happy things to over ride some of the stress of the week!

  6. such a sweet post! enjoyed reading it!


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