Monday, August 22, 2011

Working, Thinking & Awesome Husbands

I've had a bit of BCS (blinking cursor syndrome) of late so pardon the potential incoherence of this post.

I spent my entire day today locked away in our guest room-cum-office creating training videos for faculty.  I began to grow so sick of my own voice I thought my head would explode, but I managed to get all of them done by 6 or so and thus felt very productive.

What was far more exciting to me, however, was what was happening outside of my office.  My darling husband woke up, walked the dog, cleaned our sheets (which has desperately needed to happen), made the bed, washed the dishes, made a delicious dinner of rotisserie chicken (he picked off all the breast meat and gave it to me because that's the only part of the chicken I eat), sweet corn, and mashed potatoes, and didn't ask for any help.

Plus, he walked around without his shirt on all day.  Who could ask for anything more?

"You're welcome."
I wanted to get him a gift for being so amazing all the damn time, but what do you get the man who has everything? Answer: gelato. That sort of makes up for all the doubting and crying and bad-wifery, right?

Side note: does anyone else like to mix chocolate and fruity flavors? Rob thinks I'm insane.

I know I gush about my husband a lot on this blog, but as he told me, "Your blog is called To Make Love Stay.  I think you're allowed to write about love."

After a day of thinking far too much about work, traveling later this week, blogs, bitchy people, bitchy people on blogs, and a wedding I have coming up on Sunday, it was truly an amazing thing to just sit in the car on our way to an extra-long dog walk and let the happy just wash over me.  I felt quiet and I felt happy.  We passed a hotel with a sign that said Summer will end, but the memories will last a lifetime. This summer was truly an wonderful one despite the moments of anxiety and happiness-crushing depression.  I got to spend so much time with my husband and enjoy these days, the best of our lives so far.

I will apologize again for these posts not coming up to snuff lately.  My sister and I are off to Florida for work (yep) this week so the mediocre posts will at least be few and far between.


  1. I love this post! HECK YES to the chocolate and fruit combo. In fact, my favorite ice cream is black cherry with bits of dark chocolate in it. DELISH.

    As for the blog cattiness, I know I tweeted this to you but I've had a dose of it myself and it seems to be the (awful) trend lately. So sorry you're encountering it, too. *hugs*

  2. aww what a sweet husband! rob sounds so thoughtful and caring.
    as for the gelato, i'm all about chocolate...mixed with more chocolate! so good. haha.
    i really don't think you should be apologizing for such honest, real posts. i've said this before, and i'll say it again, but this is the reason people love and read your blog! having this space to vent and let go of frustration is healthy!
    have a good night girl!

  3. Have fun in FL, it's hot as heck here.. August is the pits.. for real, but it's still my favorite place.

    and stop apologizing, we all read because we love.


  4. This post made me so happy. I love hearing about you and your husband, so don't stop!

  5. There aren't many things in life that make me happier than when Wil walks around without his shirt on.

  6. uhhh....can your darling hubby come cook dinner for me one night?

  7. Cute! What a sweetheart he is. Have fun in FL!



  8. hooray for supportive, helpful, sweet husbands! Love this post! I love that feeling of quiet happiness, like you described- so, so good, my friend.

  9. Hey, I've just found your blog and as a first time reader I found it really refreshing to read a happy story of two people clearly in love! Don't apologise for that, your posts (that I've read so far!) are ace! :)

  10. This post made me pretty hungry, not gonna lie.

  11. I love your blog, and I love that you "gush" about Rob haha. It's so sweet!

    I wish I could bring myself to write about love and things... that's a whooole other issue.

    Have fun in Florida, soooo jealous! Pics! :-D

  12. wow, i'm so impressed with your husband right now, and a little jealous.

    my husband sometimes makes me dinner

    and sometimes washes the bedsheets

    and sometimes washes the dishes

    but never all in one day!!

  13. oh i'm glad you got a few minutes of quiet happiness. i could do with that right now, you know the contentedness type? oh and i LOVE mixing fruity and chocolatey ice creams!

  14. mmmm that gelato looks so yummy! and husbands really are the best :)

  15. I also love those quiet moments of happiness. And Caitlin, might I humbly suggest you give other parts of the chicken a try? Thighs are just so flavorful and yummy!

  16. Ah - I love good husbands! So thankful for mine too, and yeah! Write away about your sweet man. Not everyone can or has that desire and I think it's awesome that you do. Reading about other happy couples makes me happy!
    Also - mine just did our sheets yesterday too! Clean sheets are the best.


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