Friday, August 5, 2011

Your Questions Answered Part VII: Dream Vacations, Regrets, Guilty Foods & Celiac

First order of business: Happiest of Birthdays to my husband, Rob, who turns 26 today!  Because he's on the wrong side of the 20s decade (and on the fast track to 30) this last week has been birthday week! I plan on sharing a post on all the fun things we've done once I'm done with these questions!

We're also having a party later tonight with his coworkers. I've never hosted a party so I'm pretty excited. :)

With that said, we're almost done with the questions!  These came from Holly and Elizabeth.

1) Is there any place that you always dreamed of visiting but haven't yet?
Rob and I really want to go to Ireland.  Rob promised me that we'd go at some point but we're holding off until he has a job and regular vacation time.  He may join a class next May that would entail a trip to Ireland and we're currently investigating whether or not I could ride along (perhaps as an extremely cheap photographer?).  If it doesn't happen in May we most certainly will go soon.

2) Where would be your dream place to live with Rob?
I honestly could live anywhere with Robbie.  But I like the idea of living in the Pacific Northwest or maybe in Colorado.  I also could see living in Maine for the rest of our lives.  As long as I'm with him we could live in Antarctica and I'd be happy. :)

3) Do you have any regrets in life so far?
I regret sometimes allowing anxiety to get the best of me and not being present in all of my experiences...particularly when Rob was in the Army.

4) What's your guilty pleasure when it comes to food?
Rob always says that if I lived alone I would probably eat like a four-year-old, and he's totally right.  I love sweet foods like brownies and cookies, plus Phish Food ice cream from Ben & Jerry's (thank god it's gluten-free).  I also eat cheese like it's my job.

5) How did you first discover that you had celiac disease?
For as long as I can remember I've had stomach issues, predominantly persistent gas and bowel problems (hey, you all like that my blog is honest, right?).  I've more or less lived with it, assuming that I had a lactose intolerance, and dammit I was not going to stop drinking milk and eating cheese.  My mother passed along an article to me early last year about how children survivors of Wilm's Tumor can have digestive issues later in life.  I mentioned it to my doctor, who told me that she would test me for a variety of ailments including celiac disease.  As soon as she said "celiac disease" I knew that was it because it was the only thing that made sense - my stomach pain happened without any logic and I knew that gluten was in everything.  Suffice it to say I received a not-so-surprising phone call from my doctor telling me the test was positive, and later I got a biopsy that was also positive.  After a pig-out meal at Ruby Tuesday's, I quit gluten for good and have been free of it for over a year.

Are you guys enjoying these question posts? I have a weird insecurity that everyone is super bored with them.


  1. Ooo Ireland would be so fun! BTW, LOVE your new layout, and your button!! I need to start grabbing buttons to put on my page...

    Also I just gave you a blog award!

  2. That's really interesting about celiac disease, I never understood what it was. I also don't think these posts have been boring at all! It's fun to get to know you better through them.

  3. It's so sweet to read your thoughts about your husband. Your devotion to him is so clear and beautiful through your words. I love the "As long as I'm with him we could live in Antarctica and I'd be happy."

    Also, very interesting to read about your experience with gluten, and how you found out it was the culprit for your stomach problems. Gluten really is in everything. I babysat for kids who had to be gluten-free a few times, and almost everything on their food shelves were things I'd never seen before. It is a hard thing to work around, but doable. I'm sure your stomach thanks you!

    I've loved these question and answers, Caitlin. It's been lovely to get to know more of the woman behind the blog. :-)

  4. How do you feel now that you are off of gluten?

  5. I'm pretty nosy so I love these answered question posts. Keeps me from looking in your windows... or does it...

  6. Guh, I'm starting to think I'm gluten sensitive/celiac or something. For realz.


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