Monday, October 3, 2011

Some October Bits & Pieces

Is anyone else in total disbelief that it's October?  I feel like March and April were literally a month or two ago and now it's almost 2012, at least according to the synesthetic numberline in my head.

Some bits and pieces for ye:

1. My tattoo has officially hit the itchy stage.  I hate the itchy stage.  I can endure the pain like a champ (my artist tells me I'm a pretty damn good sitter) but the itchy stage makes me feel claustrophobic and annoyed.  Also, while I was getting my tattoo my artist and I were talking about armpit tattoos, which I've heard are among the most painful.  Is it weird that this made me kind of want to get one, just to see what the pain is like?  Yes?

2. I leave for Arizona on Thursday and I can already tell I'm stressing about it.  Whenever I travel after a long period of being at home I can feel the stress manifesting itself in obnoxious ways.  All of a sudden the dirt and dog hair on the floor is almost audibly screaming to me all day, the walls start closing in, and every tiny annoying thing is magnified a thousand times.  I get quickly annoyed with Rob for stupid things and I can tell that I'm subconsciously pushing him away to, I don't know, make it somehow easier to leave.  It's both frustrating and enlightening that I have this much insight into what I do and how I think, but it doesn't make it any easier to accept that I'm leaving for a whole month.  I've been waking up with panic attacks which I am attempting to calm with some grounding techniques.  I am excited, however, to meet up with some awesome bloggers and see the Grand Canyon with the various people coming to visit me.

3. It's definitely starting to cool down here.  Our house tends to be only slight warmer than outside in the fall and spring and we've been loathe to turn the heat on. I got to try out my new Victoria's Secret pajamas which are neither form-fitting nor sexy, but incredibly warm.  Maybe if you're lucky I'll feature them in an outfit post.

4. Um.  This is happening.  Is anyone else more excited than they've ever been, ever? And for your enjoyment:

5. I notice I have some new followers of late.  If you're new and haven't commented, let me know who you are! I love meeting new people.

6. This morning I asked Rob to come back to bed for a second and cuddle with me before he went to class because I was feeling really stressed and anxious.  I curled into the "nook" (yeah, you all know) and just breathed in the moment.  He smelled like Rob and toothpaste, and it was just lovely.
I wish you all an amazing week!


  1. I was just commenting today how I couldn't believe that it was October already, seriously where does time go?... and best of luck with your trip to Arizona, myself, Jake (my bf) and his beast (molly) are going on a road trip to CO, on friday for two weeks of a much needed vacation. Unfortunately my little beast (Guinness) has to stay here with a friend. (she's to little and would freeze) Happy trails to you! and I look forward to the colder weather down here in TX, still haven't felt any yet though. :(

  2. I have an armpit tattoo! It actually wasn't so much more painful as it was totally disgusting. My boss told me it's because I've been shaving there and re-growing hair for so many years, it's kind of desensitized a bit. But still, you know when you get tickled too hard sort of? And then there's the whole 'sweat' issue. I kept apologising because every time he did a line it was like gushing sweat, haha. So. Gross.

  3. 1. Yes, I think it's weird that you want to get a tattoo on your arm pit to test your pain tolerance. :P I can't imagine having a tattoo on my armpit. I can't imagine having a tattoo anywhere even though I really, really want one.

    3. I can't wait until it gets cold here. I live in Texas so it won't get cold until the end of October. D:

    4. I have no idea what the hell Arrested Development is.

    5. I stumbled upon your blog a few nights ago. Or was it last night? I don't know. Hi. :D

  4. haha i've wanted to get my armpit tattooed ever since i saw the most amazing CUPCAKE armpit tattoo! haha. so random.
    ummm THE NOOK. i curled up in the nook this afternoon and it's like the most comforting feeling/place ever. i totally know what ya mean!

  5. Aw, you're so cute! I've gotten to fat for my nook as of late and it makes me crunch my neck up into a painful position to fit.
    Enter NoSweetsExceptOnSaturdayForever.

  6. I hate it when I notice a typo right after I post something. Like "to" instead of "too." I spend my whole life concerned you'll think I'm uneducated because of it.

  7. Hi...I'm new...I live in Miami. I don't have any tattoos.
    I am new to blogging. It is still so hot in Miami. I'd like a little change of season here right now!

  8. 1. i hate the itchy stage, too, and if i had the choice, i would take more needla and pain than itch!

    2. have fun in arizona! it's so beautiful, and i can't wait to go back!

    3. you can't beat a good cuddle :)

  9. Leaving the ones we love always sucks.
    But you two have an amazing love story (read your guest post) and when you reunite...wowza!
    That will be epic I'm sure!!!

    Oh, and I'm a new follower!

  10. Hi, I'm new. (o:

    I hate the itchy stage too - it's worse than the pain part I think. And I'm always afraid I'll somehow scratch it off or something. Not that I have some plethora of tattoos or anything - just three.

    And I have a nook too. It's one of my favorite places to be and always calms me down when I feel anxious.

  11. Cuddling with your sweet guy sounds like a great way to calm down- that always works for me. If you're looking for more techniques on anxiety management, let me know! I have GAD and I've found some really helpful books. :)

    When I heal from tattoos, my healing process is bizarre! When I have outlines done I get itchy, but during shading and colour? I I totally skip it. What helps me manage it is using unscented lotion a few times a day- as long as you don't over moisturize (the itchy parts should feel dry when you apply) it should really help with the itching.

    Enjoy Arizona, lady!

  12. I HATE the itchy phase. I actually woke myself up, itching the last tattoo I got and was so mad at myself! Even now, three months later, it still gets itchy because it's under my wedding ring.

    I don't think I've ever written the word "itch" more times in a paragraph ever in my life. ;)

  13. Thanks for sharing your grounding techniques!
    P.S. It's the girl who tweeted you about your "GF" brownies. ;) Haha.

  14. I get the same feelings that you do but maybe a little less intense (like every little dirty thing screaming at me). I hate them all the same. It's really awesome that at least you can look at yourself from the outside and analyze what's going on on the inside! You're a really cool girl. I'm glad I found your blog! =] I hope you get past the itchy stage with your tattoo fast. I hope you can stay as calm as possible and have a great week! <3

  15. My comment from yesterday that I was coming to re-post basically has no more relevance, but to sum it up, have a great time in Arizona & enjoy your time at home with Rob now! I remember feeling the same anxiety before leaving for Greece for almost a month so I totally know where you're coming from. Just try & remember that even in Arizona there will be a million ways for you to feel like you're not nearly as far as you feel like you are from home, and Rob. I realized that when I was IN Greece and I wasn't even half as homesick as I thought I would be.

    Yes, that was a summary of yesterday lol!

  16. oh god i just peed myself laughing at the chickens... hahaha. i love arrested development SO MUCH!


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