Friday, January 28, 2011

Life, and a few pictures here and there

The last few days have been pretty busy. I got a ton of work assignments and spent the week plugging through those.

Last weekend I went back to the tattoo shop, where my artist spent 5 1/2 hours on the poppies on my arm. So my arm looks a little bit less like a giant burning bruise now that it has bright red flowers, but it is still decidedly incomplete-looking. Maybe I'll post a picture once it's done peeling...looks pretty damaged right now. Now that I've started this tattoo it's inspired me to begin thinking of other designs. My goal is to be at least moderately tattooed by the time I decide to stop...whenever that might be.

Things with Robbie have been lovely. I've loved being able to spend more time with him as I've been working from home. We've officially canceled two upcoming vacations for various reasons which bums me out, but we're also big homebodies. Sometimes I worry how we don't actually DO anything aside from sitting at home. Combine my anxiety with his army-induced desire to avoid crowds of people means that being home is typically a lot easier than braving the great outdoors. I just worry that we're not living our life to the fullest before children come (whenever that may be).

Other than that life has been moving forward as boring-ly as always.

I can't wait until summer, running in the sand and swimming and having hands that don't crack and bleed.

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