Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Busy week

This week I agreed to come to Boston with my sister-in-law, Jessi (Rob's brother's wife) as she gets a prophylactic mastectomy. She already had her cancerous breast removed last year, but this is a preemptive strike to prevent a recurrence. Anyway last night we drove in the blinding snow/sleet/freezing rain at 35 mph on the highway to catch a train to Boston. Thankfully we made it and we were up early this morning to go to the hospital. Jessi's in surgery right now and if everything goes as planned, she should be out tomorrow! This would truly be a blessing since her past hospitalizations and surgeries have been nothing short of disastrous (nothing life-threatening, just a series of unfortunate events). So for those of you reading, please keep her in your thoughts (or prayers if you're a praying kind of person).

Other than that, Adam called yesterday and told me that he now has this Friday free and Saturday free, and that we probably could tackle the poppies in my tattoo. Still not sure if it'll work out, since I may still be in Boston, but would definitely be cool if we could work on it two weeks earlier than previously thought.

I wanted to share this picture of my husband, who made a delicious brinner for us this week, including omelettes with cheese, onion and mushroom and thick-cut bacon.

My husband is awesome. :)

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