Saturday, January 29, 2011

Gluten-Free Foods I Love (or at least like)

Since I made a whiny post about foods I miss, I figured I'd focus on the positive today and post some gluten-free foods I absolutely love (or at least like).

1. Eggs

I was never a huge fan of eggs before my celiac diagnosis but now I love them. They're high in protein and other nutrients, and they are VERY versatile! In fact, my husband is making us omelettes (along with thick-cut bacon, mmm) at this very moment!

2. Cheese

Before I was diagnosed, I thought that lactose intolerance was what was causing all my stomach/intestinal issues. Though I was relatively sure of this, I refused to give up dairy. I have loved cheese since I was a wee babe and this has only continued into adulthood. Provolone, Monterey jack, cheddar, goat cheese, mozzarella, brie, camembert...makes my mouth water to even think about it. I joke with Rob that I would inject cheese straight into my veins if I could.

3. Tinkyada pasta

Talk to most people who eat gluten-free and you'll find that generally they each have their preferences brand-wise. I have a friend who prefers Schar pasta, but Tinkyada is my (and my husband's) favorite by far. Difficult to overcook and not mushy at all, this pasta tastes incredibly close to real pasta, something even my gluten-loving husband agrees with.

4. Glutino Crackers

These are a wee bit of a guilty pleasure for me since they aren't particularly nutritious. But even gluten-freers need something unhealthy every now and then, right? Glutino crackers taste remarkably like "real" crackers and are absolutely delectable with goat cheese.

5. Udi's Bread

I could sing the praises of Udi's bread all day. Most gluten-free bread needs to be frozen and then toasted or microwaved; however, the magic of Udi's is that it can be taken out of the freezer for about a week (around the same shelf-life as "real" bread) and tastes infinitely better/more realistic than any other gluten-free breads I have tried. I love Udi's so much that my mother buys it for me in New Hampshire and ships it, since we don't have a store that sells it locally.

6. TastyBite Microwavable Indian Meals

These meals are amazing. They come in pouches that you can easily microwave or cook on the stovetop. TastyBite meals (particularly Bombay Potatoes) have gotten me through a lot of potentially hungry situations - I always carried one in my suitcase while traveling in case I got stuck at a hotel with no gluten-free options, and when I traveled to Boston with my in-laws (again unsure of the GF situation) I packed about 5 of these so I'd always have dinner. These are specifically marked gluten-free and have all-natural ingredients.

7. Betty Crocker Gluten-Free Brownie Mix

As you have probably ascertained, I am not a person who went gluten-free by choice in order to eat healthier. I was forced because gluten physically destroys the lining of my intestine and could cause health problems later in life, including colon cancer, diabetes, and infertility. In contrast with a lot of people who go gluten-free, I tend to pursue what tastes good over what is the most healthy. Hence, these brownies. I undercook them a tiny bit (for 27 minutes rather than 29) and they come out moist, fudgy and delicious. I made them for a family event and they were eaten quicker than brownies made from my grandmother's recipe.

Any other gluten-freers have brands that you love?


  1. I saw the GF brownie mix at the store today and thought of you :) I don't know how you do it, I love food so much I don't think I could give up my favorites! Naturally, if I had to for my health I would but still...LOL. I should eat healthier but work has me so stressed I never want to cook when I get home :(

  2. It's really not all that bad, I've gotten pretty used to it over the last 8 months. I totally understand not wanting to cook - we kind of have to cook since we don't really live near any take-out places and even if we did I can't eat much of the food! :)


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