Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Caitlin and Rob, 8 Years

I saw this on another blog I read and I thought it would be fun to do (and a nice walk down memory lane). My husband and I have been together for eight years, since December 28, 2002, and our adventures have been well-documented photographically. So, I give to you, Rob and Caitlin through the years...

This is our first picture together and maybe my favorite. This is shortly after we got together in '02. I was nearing my 17th birthday and Rob, his 18th.

Christmas 2003, nearing our 1-year anniversary together.

This picture makes me a little bit sad - this was taken around Easter, 2004...just weeks before Rob left for the Army. Boy, would I like to go back and have a talk with me about what to expect...

I don't have many other pictures of us from 2004, and the ones I do have are all in 'real' format rather than digital. So this one is from August 2005, during one of Rob's leave times from the Army.

Us in Alaska (where Rob was stationed), October 2005.

Look at my awesome hair and stomach! HA. Anyway this picture was taken in my dorm room in September 2006, just a month before Rob deployed to Iraq.

It was hard to pick a picture from midtour leave (June 2007) since we took so many, but this one made me smile so I chose it. This was taken on my dad's pontoon boat during Rob's 2-week break from Iraq. This was both a joyous time, as we hadn't seen each other in 8 months, and a horrific time since when we said goodbye this time, we knew how hard we'd have it for another 6 months.

He's home! This is me and Robbie at my mother's for Christmas, 2007.

Skipping ahead a wee bit - this was taken Summer 2008, after I had graduated and Rob had ETSd, and we were free from the binds that kept us apart for four years. We moved in together in May 2008.
This is Rob and I at his brother's wedding, June 14, 2009. I love this picture of us despite the fact that my husband is absolutely wasted here...

Skipping ahead once again to our wedding day, July 10, 2010...the happiest day of my life so far.
So there you have it, a photographic essay of US. :)

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  1. Oh how weird! I totally recognized your wedding picture from OBB! Love it.


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