Sunday, October 21, 2012

We Ate Lunch in a Ruin

Our last hike in Ireland was definitely my favorite, for reasons other than the fact that it was the one time we didn't get rained on.


Rob and I drove about two hours to a town outside of Dingle called Feohanagh (don't ask me how to pronounce it, I just know the 'gh' is pronounced in a sort of guttural way) to hike along the cliffs there and up to a tower ruin.  It was hard to find because we were told about it by our B&B host and a book on local hikes he had; plus we weren't totally sure it was actually a sanctioned hike because one of the instructions was "cross the wire fence," as in  "climb over the fence because it's someone's property and there's no gate. Also, dead sheep."

The views were spectacular and I think I ended up taking around 200 photos that were mostly duplicates of one another.  I didn't even have to edit them all that much in Photoshop because the colors were that brilliant.  Sadly Photobucket is annoying and I can't seem to upload all the photos I'd like, so I'll share some more when we get home.

We made it to the ruin and had a quick lunch because the wind was pretty bananas.  Luckily we made it down despite almost twisting my ankle a million times and stepping on far too much sheep poop (or "shoop").


Today we're mellowing out and checking out the town a bit more so we're well-rested for our long-ass trip tomorrow.  We even found a bridge built in the 11th century that's still standing, isn't that crazy? It's called "The Cromwell Bridge," so-named from the Irish word for "mustache," not named for Oliver Cromwell like you might think. I think "mustache" is appropriate, personally.

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Anyway we are sad to leave, but all vacations must end I suppose.  And we are so, so excited to see our goofy little beastie again because we miss the hell out of her. I hope you guys have enjoyed these Ireland posts almost as much as we enjoyed the actual trip.

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