Sunday, October 21, 2012

A Fresh Start with a New Blog

Note: I meant for this post to go out tomorrow but it went out, a few people saw it, and then I reverted it to draft which kind of ruined the whole element of surprise thing.  So here it is! Also, sorry for cluttering up your feed with 3 posts in one day...I know that's kind of annoying.

I've been trying out the new blog for the last few days and I've decided officially to switch to it.

I'm going to keep To Make Love Stay up because the idea of deleting it makes me super sad, but I will be writing primarily on the new blog.

So if you have any interest in following our shenanigans, please update your readers to reflect the following new blog address because I'd love to see you all there:

Please be patient with me as I get it to a decent place design-wise.

Thanks guys! 

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