Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Links Links Links

The moral case for sex before marriage. I loved this article and it made me want to write a whole blog post about my feelings on the topic.

I am so happy that Sarah is blogging again.

The Baby-Sitters Club: Where Are They Now?

Can You Make it Through This Post without Wanting to be in Fifth Grade Again? (via Kaelah) - How did we not know how good we had it?

The teenager audio test.  I could hear the sound, can you?

My dog: the paradox.

Disappearing mothers. (via Nova)

Since I'm trying out pole dancing, Sara recommended this news story to me - Pole Dancing for Jesus. I can't even.

The Broken Plate might be my new favorite Etsy shop. Anyone want to buy me some of those porcelain "brass" knuckles?

From my ma, a huge list of time wasters on the web.  You're welcome!

The worst page on the internet. (via Tanya on Facebook)

The Khan Academy: Learn Almost Anything for Free (in particular Math, Economics, and History).

Have you ever wondered if Hogwarts is all in Harry's head?

A Cancer Patient's Best Friend. Heart = melted. (via my ma on Facebook)

Loved this SNL skit: G.O.B. Tampons.

11 Abandoned American Hospitals and Asylums "Open" for Exploration.

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