Tuesday, May 31, 2011

One Very Full Memorial Day

Yesterday was just a really awesome, fabulous day.  Robbie and I didn't really do anything amazing or interesting, just enjoyed each other's company and had a wonderful time doing it. 

We woke up relatively early and I was determined to wear a summer dress out of the vast collection I have amassed over the last few weeks. I settled on the lovely little blue dress that I bought in Washington. Since it was almost 90 today I didn't need a sweater and it was absolutely awesome.  As we walked the dog I was filled with happiness with the sun and the green and the happiness...what a great start to the day.

For lunch, Rob and I had a little picnic in the yard while Cypress ran around like an idiot and begged for our peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. We also clipped some lilacs (my favorite flower) from the bush in our yard:

I need 85, my husband needs 15. Let's hope our kids turn out more like him.

Next we drove to a large field near our house to let Cypress frolic in the river and enjoy the weather.   It was an amazing day so a lot of people had the same idea we did.

My LL Bean sandals. Didn't look amazing with my dress but sometimes function must trump form.

Our town :)

Rob had this little dinosaur in Iraq, still holds a lot of sentimental value.

Love this dress!

Behold, my new favorite picture of us:

If you can guess what Rob and I are referencing in the next two pictures, you get 10 blog points:

Rob asked to take over camera duties:


Afterward we got some yummy gelato - because I found a dead mosquito in one of the pans (ew ew ew) we got my gelato for free! Ever one to take advantage of such a stroke of luck, I combined banana and dark chocolate sorbetto to create what I call the "Bluth Banana."

Emphasized above: mosquito!

 Cypress also loves sweet treats:

Later I took Robbie out to eat, which we do every year for Memorial Day and Veterans' Day.  We had a few drinks in honor of the comrades he lost, and others that have fallen over the course of the last few years. I find that it is very important to honor this holiday and make sure that we don't forget the sacrifice of our vets and the fallen.

Going out to dinner gave me an excuse to wear a new dress I bought a few weeks ago...it needs a belt and some accessories, but still adorable:

And finally, we had a few drinks out on our patio together.

I really wanted to write a blog about today because it was such a wonderful day for us.  I ended the day feeling very fulfilled...more fulfilled than I have in a long time.  I've been in a funk for awhile, which I have discussed extensively here, and today I finally felt like I was emerging from that.  It was also great to spend some time with my husband...time with him always reaffirms how freaking lucky I am to be married to my soulmate, partner and best friend.  He also enjoyed today, so much so that he posted a somewhat-mushy Facebook status...if you know him, you know that this is a pretty rare occurrence:

My apologies for posting another picture-heavy post so soon after the last one, but one of my Summer Goals was to take more pictures and what better place to share them but my blog? I hope you all enjoy them :)

What did you do on Memorial Day? 


  1. YES! Caw-Caw! Ah coodle doodle do. Arrested Development :)

  2. I really love your picture posts, because you take the best pictures!! Your blue dress is adorable, very cute and looks great on you. And your dog sounds like mine, haha, he begs all the time! Mmm gelato is SO GOOD! Your dinner looks yummy too--I love mozzarella, tomatoes, and basil :)

    I'm glad you're finally getting out of your funk! I think we all go through phases like that, but it's good that you are starting to move past it :) I can tell how happy you are through your pictures!

  3. Caitlin-Thanks for stopping by my blog! Your town is adorable, I love the East Coast.


  4. I absolutely love your sun dress! It's not even close to being warm enough here for cute dresses yet. *sigh* oh well, someday soon hopefully :)

  5. what an amazing day! your dresses are SO slammin'.

    your "bluth banana" reminds me of my old roomate; she would mix Ben & Jerry's "Kama Sutra" (chocolate/caramel) with "Funky Monkey" (banana) and call it "Monkey Sutra."

  6. Looks like a glorious day! I'm jealous of the amazing, sunny weather. :)

  7. Oohh looks like you had such a good day! :) It looks so incredibly fun!

    <3 Belly B

  8. Looks like an amazing day!!! Gelato, YUM!

  9. That looks like the perfect day!! Glad you were able to enjoy all of that.

  10. Aww love gelato (minus the mesquito) and love caprese salads!!! Looks delish! Sounds like a good day :) Always better when you bring your dog a long too!

    Ashley Sloan

  11. "I'm pretty sure no one in this family has ever seen a real chicken....". Looks like an awesome weekend! Great pics!!!

  12. I LOVED this post! The pictures of you are beautiful. I loveee that blue dress, and it is so perfect on you.

    Also, I've alwayss alwaysss wanted to chop all my hair off at some point. lately Ive been thinking about it more and more, and seeing your sassy adorable do isn't helping anything! ;]

    Yall are precious.


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