Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Some Letters I've Been Meaning to Write

(Got this idea initially from Scribble Smudge, a blog that is new to me...go check her out!)

Dear husband,

Thank you for making every day a little brighter just by being in it.  I love how you say things to me like, "I can't wait to go to sleep with you tonight," and "You run like an AngryBird," and I love how you take care of things like dog-walking and dish-washing without making me do it asking for help.  I love how you challenge me and that we can have a healthy debate and still come out hugging. You are the peanut butter to my jelly, the cheese to my gluten-free macaroni, and you are my favorite.


Dear Cypress,

Great idea rolling in that Ziplock bag of dead animal mess that's been on your walking trail for the last few weeks.  The smell you introduced into our house and into the towels we set aside for cleaning you was a great touch to our already doghair-dominated decor.  Regardless of your missteps, you're still really freaking cute, and I can't help but smile whenever you rest your head on my armchair demanding snuggles or bring your toy hedgehog in an attempt to bribe me into walking with you and Robbie.


Dear Chloe loves Charlie,

Thanks for sending me a polka-dotted dress that fits me fabulously and that will be perfect for summer dates and photoshoots.


Dear ModCloth,

I choose to NOT thank you for the fact that your dresses and shirts sell out so damn quickly. People want it, make more of it! Also, I do not appreciate that the last two dresses I bought from you fit me like burlap sacks and made me look about 20 years older.  The bathing suit was great though, thanks!


Dear Maine,

It's May. Please no more 45-degree days or cold rain.  Just sun from here on out.  You can keep the blackflies though, I really don't mind.


Dear my old high school,

Good one, approving the gay-straight alliance 7 years after I graduated, very proud of you for that.  But can we please do away with graduation on Mondays?  I'm not going to be able to attend my sister-in-law's high school graduation because guess what, I WORK on Mondays. I've watched her grow up from around age 10 and this is extremely upsetting to me.  Suggestion: have Baccalaureate the Sunday BEFORE and then have graduation on a Saturday.  I know you're in a pretty impoverished area, but not all of us are unemployed.


Dear Seattle,

We're coming in 21 days. Be ready and sleep with one eye open.

Caitlin xoxo


  1. dear caitlin,

    you buy a lot of dresses. please share.


  2. Can I sign my name to your Maine letter? Maybe we can start a petition!

  3. "you're the cheese to my gluten-free macaroni"....i love it! this is cute! and i know what you mean about modcloth....anything i want is always sold out! so frustrating.

  4. Yeah! GSA at WA! Oh, and - good call on the graduation on a Monday thing. It's SO AWFUL that they do that! Maybe we need another alumni letter... ;o)

  5. I approve everything about this post :)

    Just so you know.

  6. I love this idea! And I also really love my C loves C dress - it came today!




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