Saturday, April 2, 2011

Style (or Lack Thereof)

I've been going through a fashion identity crisis lately. Since college my fashion sense has been what I would classify as "neglectful." I don't dress in a masculine way, per se...but it's pretty clear that I don't care very much what my "style" says about me.

In reevaluating my personal style, I realized that I have a few staples that I wear almost constantly...Old Navy and NY&CO boot-cut jeans, Sambas or Chuck Taylors, and cute-but-boring tank-tops and shirts. And in the winter, let us not forget the ubiquitous hoodie sweatshirt. I have never found another clothing item that keeps me warm so consistently. Unfortunately there's absolutely no way to make it look cute. Scratch that, maybe there's a way for cuter girls than I, but I just can't pull that shit off.

So armed with this perspective, I decided to splurge and create a new wardrobe for myself, or at least a fashion foundation for this summer.

1. Prairie Dawn Dress, Forever 21

To see this dress on Forever21's website click here. I must say that Rob did not share my enthusiasm for this dress (he's not a big pink fan) I'm pretty excited to see it. I will also say that I'm not totally sure I can pull this off, but if I can, more power to me. I thought it was just the cutest dress ever. We'll see.

2. A slew of ballet flats from and

These are from's website (click here to see). If you've never seen NOW. Great prices on shoes AND purses, and free 2-day shipping! Anyway, I always wear sneakers of some kind with all of my outfits. In the summer, I wear flip flops, but nothing all that cute or feminine. I wore ballet flats for work for the first time and I realized just how versatile and adorable they are. So I bought a ton of them figuring I would find something that worked.

3. Lacy Graphic Tunic, Forever 21

This is another shirt (click here to see on Forever21) that I'm not positive I can pull off. My boobs are pretty small and as a result, flowy shirts and tanktops tend to look like what my husband calls "boob curtains."

4. Skinny Jeans from New York and Company

To see these on NY&CO click here. Buying jeans has always been a battle for me - I have a proportionately huge ass and huge hips, coupled with what I see as short, stubby legs. As a result my jeans usually fit in the ass and hips, but go down about 3 inches past the bottom of my foot. I've found a few companies that make a decent short-girl ghetto-booty pair of jeans and NY&CO is one of those. However, due to my ass's largesse, I am still not sure I can pull off this whole "skinny jean" thing. I have a little bit of a fear that my bottom half will look like upside-down triangle.

Any other awesome stores I should be looking at?


  1. this made me smile. especially the jean part lol. I know how you feel, I have SUPER short legs for my body. It's horrible.

    I would try Kohls, do they have that there? I always get some GREAT tops from ELLE, they have an online store for Kohls if you want to buy the tops online. Much of my new "adult" working/casual wardrobe comes from Kohls and the APT9 and ELLE brand.

    I love the flats, jeans, and tops - very cute, yet mid-20's! :)

  2. Hey Gup! nice post- I could see you wearing clothes from They remind me a lot of that first dress you posted- be cautious of the fact that many things modcloth has online as stylish- are not so. But they can be fun to sort through and they have a lot of dressy work clothes. Also, many things girls tend to review fit their 34 D boobs, which I didn't realize so many girls had- but apparently do- unlike us! :)


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