Thursday, March 31, 2011

Spring has not yet sprung.

I went to a conference in Denver for work this week. I was nervous about how it would go, since I was responsible for a lot of the branding and display of our giveaways and trinkets. I’m trying to get into marketing and public relations so it was great practice. Everything went over fabulously and our booth was clearly the most popular. I feel really lucky to work for such a great company and to work with such great people.

However, the lifestyle that many traveling consultants lead is one that is alien to me, and this was dramatically underscored during my time in Denver. After five days I felt like I had been working for three weeks, what with the schmoozing all day and eating and drinking well into the night. I was ready to come home and I’m happy to be home. It’s a fun life to visit sometimes but ultimately I’m just fine in my humble abode with my husband and beast sitting on the couch across from me.

Spring is supposed to be here by now, but we are expecting a snowstorm tomorrow that could bring up to an entire foot of snow in some areas. This presents an interesting conflict between my various senses – my nose and eyes will not stop itching from the budding tree pollen but my body is shivering even thinking about how much snow we’re going to get. I’m so ready for spring…green grass and trees, jewel blue sky, sun shining on my pasty-ass white skin…

I’m just happier in spring and summer. Everything I do feels like an adventure, even if it’s driving to Walmart to pick up allergy medication or walking my dog outside. In the winter I feel cranky, which somehow is physically manifested in my body as my skin cracks and my knees creak. I keep telling Rob that winter will be the death of me but I have a feeling I’ll lose out on that battle no matter how hard I try. I love the man but damn, I wish I had his innate ability to be warm all the time.

My half-sleeve will finally be finished and I absolutely cannot wait to see the final product. I took a somewhat nicer picture of it today:

I couldn’t be in more in love with it, truly. I am so happy with my artist that I’m already drawing up another one in my head, perhaps as soon as this summer. I’m trying to remind myself not to hurry and that I have the rest of my life to get tattooed but…it’s difficult, as other tattooed people would surely commiserate.

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