Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Rainy Days and Fun Finds

There are a lot of depressing seasons in Maine, my least favorite, of course, being winter. I believe that I have written at length here and on Twitter about my hatred of winter. In Maine this horrible season stretches from November until well into March.

But another atrocious season is that sort of half-winter-half-spring, and that's what we have going on now. Everything that you hate about every season--cold rain, snow, mud, bugs, allergies--all combine into a month called April. Unfortunately this not-quite-season also has absolutely none of the natural beauty of either season. Trees are still dead, grass is still brown, and bushes are merely random collections of sticks along the road.

Can you tell I'm a summer person?

Anyway most of today was spent, as most of my days are, working inside staring forlornly at the rain. Because my husband is awesome I've managed to avoid having to walk our dog in the mess. Today, however, due to my husband's busy school schedule, I had to take her on a half-mile walk, braving cold rain, wind, thick, feet-sucking mud.

If you have any doubts as to how unpleasant this was, allow me to let you in on one more glorious aspect of this walk.

Cypress and I found a Ziplock bag on the ground. With a horrible-smelling mass inside. And a SPINAL CORD and RIBS sticking out of it.

In all fairness, we didn't actually find it first. My husband essentially woke me up this morning as he left to warn me about its presence in case I found myself walking the dog. He assured me that it only smelled bad "if you hit it right."

It was like Mother Nature (along with this winter's snowmobilers) was sending me a huge middle finger in the middle of a depressing shitstorm.

Mother Nature, I'm ready for warm, I'm ready for sun, I'm ready for green.

Any time now, you heartless bitch.


  1. ahhh this makes me miss maine! i spent every summer and most winters in maine growing up. my family has a small cottage on a lake in gardiner, about 45 minutes from augusta. i haven't been back in a few years and miss it so much. your comment the other day (on my bathing suit post) made me want to jump on a flight and come to maine!
    enjoy maine for me today :)

  2. Ugh that sounds awful. I'm in PA and I HATE the hot one day, freezing the next pattern that we're in! I'm ready for the sun and warm temperatures to come and stay!!


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