Monday, April 25, 2011

Weekend Bits and Pieces

I don't have it in me to write a long, paragraphtastic post, so here are some bullets from my last few days.

1. Easter weekend was great. I got to spend a lot of time with my sisters, my dad, Robbie of course, and my in-laws. Typically family visits can be stressful since our families live an hour apart and being in cars all weekend can be a little frustrating. This time it didn't seem to bug me or Rob as much.

While we were in the car I had one of those moments where I looked at Rob and realized how lucky I am to have someone who so compliments my own character and who makes my life brighter by simply existing. I also think about how lucky I am that despite a year in Iraq, countless explosions and getting shot in the arm, that he's here at all, whole and alive. I have those moments somewhat frequently and usually I tell him, but this time I decided to take a picture of that exact moment. Here it is:

2. My sisters and I grow closer every day and I feel very fortunate that they are in my life. Same with my dad, who has been such a force and an anchor in my life. That was reinforced this weekend. I also love spending time with my little niece, Brielle, who is 18 months old and getting smarter and more effervescent every day. If you are my friend on Facebook you can see some of the awesome (if I do say so myself) pictures I took of her this past weekend.

3. I made a page for all of my tattoos that you can see here. If you like pasty skin and/or tattoos you sure will love it.

4. Rob and I are eating pasta, chicken and pesto tonight. One of our staples but it's always yummy.

5. I'm currently reading "Bossypants" by Tina Fey. I wish I had more time to read but unfortunately, I do not, and the going is slow. I also bought "Two Kisses for Maddy" by Matt Logelin. You should look up his blog if you don't know who he is - his story is truly inspiring.

6. Does anyone else have a husband that does a lot of the housework? Rob washed the dishes this evening and is now making dinner. I can't tell if I should feel bad about this since I work from home and probably should participate.

7. I might be going to Chipotle this week and that is extremely exciting.

8. I read a quote on a tattoo recently that said, "I will make better mistakes tomorrow." It really struck me and I'm going to take it on as a mantra for now. I think I'm a little too hard on myself lately.

9. I hope you all had a wonderful Easter. :)


  1. Caitlin! I love you! (and, I love your sisters, too!) oh, and - I love your dad, too. Will you share him? When I was a kid, I ALWAYS wished I was a 'Sullivan' sister, in part because you were all just wonderful, but ALSO - because I LOVED your dad! I'm glad you had a nice Easter. When is this Kurz/Sullivan reunion gonna happen??

  2. i love that quote. it's a good one to live by! i'm glad you had a good easter weekend- mine was lovely as well :)
    i love what you wrote about those "moments"...i'm going to take a photo next time i have a moment! ;)

  3. I love your tattoos and I love that mantra! Can I adopt it too?




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