Monday, April 4, 2011

"Style" Update

I wanted to share some additional finds for this summer and beyond. After these last few purchases I think I am finally complete with summer shopping.

1. HeartBreaker Black Vanessa Dress, Unique Vintage

This dress (click here) isn't too much of a challenge for me since I have one very much like it already. But it was cute and relatively affordable, so I figured I'd go for it. It wouldn't be a work dress because of the half-sleeve, but still a very versatile dress.

2. Sunny Soiree Dress, anthropologie

This dress (seen here) called out to me the moment I saw it. Everything about it is lovely and summery and, of course, versatile. I vacillated on this one quite a bit because of the price (around $150) but decided in the end that it was totally worth it.

3. A-Bit-Unruly Top, anthropologie

This shirt (click here) was another purchase that I had to sit on overnight. It's so cute and definitely summery, but like everything anthropologie it was also relatively expensive ($48). I've found that sometimes when buying clothes I have to just bite the bullet, which is what I did with this.

4. Pleated-Front Turtleneck, Express

This isn't so much of a summer shirt,but I've been on the look-out for high-necked blouses for work ever since I began to consider getting a chest tattoo. I like turtlenecks in general and this one seemed cute and feminine. Still not totally sure about it so when it gets here we'll see what I think. For $7.99 I couldn't really care less though. Click here to see this turtleneck.

Any other interesting summer finds?

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  1. I love love love the striped shirt!! I have to get one for myself! But $48..eek! I'm such a bargain shopper but I might make an exception!


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