Thursday, April 7, 2011

Give me a Head with Hair

As with a lot of women, my hair has been a relatively constant struggle.

When I was young, I rarely brushed or spent time on it, which meant many hours with my mother dragging a brush or comb through my hair (my scalp just tingled in nostalgia).

At age 14 I'd load my hair with gel and make it curl into ringlets, or as close to ringlets as it would get. Frankly I'm glad I don't have access to pictures where it looked like that because I'm still embarassed to look at my awkward self.

By high school, I had cut it shoulder-length and wore it relatively straight. This is how my hair looked when Rob and I got together:

This was our first picture taken together. My hair was really thick, the ends were curly, and it generally drove me crazy because my hair was always crowding my face. When I was 17, I had a job as a counselor at a summer camp. On a whim I decided to chop off all my hair into a pixie cut and unveil it in front of the entire camp during an event (before I had even seen it).

In college I could hardly be bothered to work with my hair and it usually looked pretty messy. I was frequently mistaken for a boy or a lesbian (I went to a pretty liberal college, it happens) so I was constantly striving to look more feminine.

Eventually I started to do the whole, parted in front, spiky in back, which is how it looked on my wedding day.

I wore it like this for quite awhile until after the wedding when I switched back to a pixie cut (all parted forward kind of a thing). After seven years of short hair, I decided to grow my hair out again. The result, as of this morning, was this:

I tried, I really did. I tolerated the little Carol-Brady flip I developed in the back. I tried to tolerate the hair once again in my face and obfuscating my vision. I tried ignoring the tickle at the corners of my eyes and the increasing difficulty with styling.

But I gave in.

So now I'm back to the pixie. I think it's pretty perfect for summer and does make my beady little Irish eyes look somewhat bigger. But most of all, It's nice to spend a total of 5 minutes on styling my hair. Any hair horror stories from anyone else?


  1. i think it looks good, and you're super brave to rock short hair. i really really want to cut all my hair off but i can never bring myself to do it. so, go you! ;)

  2. Agree, sometimes I would love to chop off all my hair but I'm way too scared to do it. When I was a child (until about age 10-12) I always had it cut between ear-length to shoulder-length. It's quite curly, so in all the photos from those years my head looks like a triangle. SO BAD. At the start of high school I did the gel thing too, but grew it long. Eventually discovered other hair products, and it looked alright, until around age 16 when I discovered hair straighteners! Have rarely worn it curly since. However, it's super thick as well, so once a week I wash it and spend about an hour straightening it, then bathe with shower caps for the rest of the week! Arrrgh my hair is a pain in the butt, but it's so long now and I can't bring myself to chop anything but my fringe.

    Gee, hope you enjoyed my novel, you did ask :-)

  3. You could at least smile in those last 2 pictures :P I always get on this kick that I want my hair short, and as soon as I cut it short (and my short I mean just above the shoulders) I always hate it. So now I'm in the process of growing it out again. But I'm super lazy and always throw it up in a ponytail and never do anything with it. I should do like you do and get a pixie cut and it would make my day so much easier!! But I'm not that brave! :)


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