Sunday, August 12, 2012

Sickness, Santa Fe Fires, and Surprise Nights Off

I always enjoy alliterative post titles, don't you?

Anyway our last few days have been full of all of the things I list in the title.  First off, we went out to eat at the Zia Diner, which has been a frequent eatery of ours in the last few months.  I had nachos and Rob had chile cheese fries with wings.  For at least 2-3 days later, we both had symptoms of food poisoning. Let's just say that ours was not a fun house to spend time in.  We were together, though, so I can't really complain. The best food poisoning is shared food poisoning, am I right?

Don't worry, I won't share pictures.

The fire "weekend" ended on Thursday and Robbie went back to work on Friday.  It was hard, but for some reason not nearly as hard as it's been in past times.  Frankly I was kind of hoping he'd go out quickly because I've learned that the sooner he goes out, the sooner he comes back. On Friday they told us that Rob was unavailable--not on call--until the following day, Saturday.  Of course, my husband chooses government jobs, and he wasn't available on Friday...until he was.  He got sent to a fire in the Santa Fe ski basin for the night and was set to head to Arizona on Saturday morning.

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But remember that whole government job thing I was talking about so long ago, in that last paragraph? Sometimes, just sometimes, the unpredictability works in your favor.  The buggy Rob's squad drives in broke down in the parking lot as they were heading to Arizona, and because it was so late in the day they let them come home for a night before leaving at 5a.m. on Sunday.  It was really, really fucking awesome to get a whole other unexpected night to snuggle, catch up on "Breaking Bad," eat a dinner of pizza and breakfast sammies, and watch MST3K together.  Some nights we're together we're both so present and I'm reminded of how lucky we are to be so fucking in love, and that we as humans invented italics so that I could stress how awesome it is in a blog post.

Anyway, like it always does, our evening ended and now I'm back to where I was, sitting on the couch and watching X-Files episodes.

As a side note, you know how long I've been watching X-Files? I'm not even halfway through the episodes on Netflix.

I hope you are all having a stellar weekend.

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