Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Bits and Pieces from This Week

I've been pretty absent of late but it's mostly because shit is getting real and what is this I hear about summer almost ending?!

1. Last Saturday my friend Natalie and I did a boudoir/fashion photo shoot together which was so much fun. She brought over an entire box of dress-up outfits (including mink and pearls) and armed with margaritas we took about 600 photos of each other.  Here's one of my favorite photos of me, and I'll make sure to share some more of the safe for work ones when I've finished editing them.

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2. I told Rob via text on Saturday that I had shaved my head. Turns out I'd picked the worst possible time in the entire 9 1/2 years we've been together to tell him.  He had worked all day and was feeling exhausted, cranky and fed up with frolicking in the woods away from home all summer.  As a result he snapped a bit a lot and lashed out at me.  Apparently I can't handle shit like that and I kind of broke down.  I'm ashamed to admit it but I was near-catatonic for an unhealthy portion of the weekend and I could barely get out of bed.  Not my best.  Anyway the next day he explained and apologized profusely, unexpectedly came home after 11 days on a fire, and assured me that while he's not a huge fan of the baldness he's taking a "well it's your head" approach. No harm no foul.  I debated even mentioning it, but I'm honest with you guys, and life isn't always sunshine and roses.

3. Speaking of Rob and fire, apparently (barring any stupid federal job bullshit) the next fire roll he goes out on will be his LAST FUCKING FIRE ROLL.  That means after another two weeks in Bummertown, I will have my husband back for 6 whole goddamn months. I am so excited. This summer has been rough, but if it was at all possible I feel even closer to Rob and even more excited for whatever's next for us.

4. Rob and I have decided to take a trip to Ireland in October and I could not be more excited. Well, that's not true, I could be more excited if my most recent passport photo didn't make me inexplicably resemble a fat Justin Bieber. BUT ANYWAY. We booked a room at a celiac-friendly bed and breakfast in Southwestern Ireland (for reals, they even have a separate toaster for gluten-free bread) within walking distance of bars and awesome gluten-free friendly restaurants and hikes by the ocean.  Rob and I have (shockingly) never traveled internationally together so I am so fucking pumped.

Well that's our week so far, how are you guys doing?

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