Friday, August 31, 2012

Keep on Trucking

I never really thought it was possible to say this, but I have had a really awesome couple of days despite the fact that Rob has not only been gone but also completely out of contact since Tuesday.

Wednesday was a really busy day for me work-wise; specifically I had to do some internal training for two coworkers on this software my company uses to create interactive tutorials on PeopleSoft. I started teaching myself the software about 3 years ago--with some help of course--so I've gotten pretty good at finding little tips and tricks to make the whole process easier.  Maybe this is just me, but it's really nice to be able to teach someone something that you know a lot about.  It just feels good to be able to answer questions and provide guidance based on my experience with different clients. I also got to Skype with my good friend Jessica, who I met through blogs but who I consider to be one of my really good friends, in real life or blog life. I hope she feels the same way because otherwise DAMN I'M AWKWARD WRITING ABOUT IT PUBLICLY!1!1!!

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After work and a doctor's appointment I visited my good fire-wife friend Natalie, who is moving back to her native California this weekend.  We relaxed, had a few drinks, listened to music and laughed, which is exactly what I need on these days when Robbie is gone (or really any day, let's be serious).  We rode bikes downtown to meet up with Lindsey, another fire-wife friend, at the Coyote Cantina, which is probably my favorite restaurant here. They have this martini called a Rockstar, a strawberry lemon drop with Pop Rocks around the rim.  It's delectable.

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Unfortunately, I hadn't ridden a bike in years (literally can't even remember the last time) and I was doing it with 3 or 4 drinks in my system.  I did fine until I had to stop (go figure), at which point I awkwardly stopped the bike and then just fell the fuck over. Hard.  I managed to scrape a nice chunk of skin off of my elbow and get a massive bruise on my hip.  Despite the pain I still chalk this night up to a success because we laughed the whole time and when you're as awkward as I am, you have to take your own clumsiness in stride.

Thursday was a bit more melancholy at first.  I had a lot of work to do but I was having trouble drumming up motivation and that Avril Lavigne song "When You're Gone" came on when I was at Smith's; the song came out when Rob was in Iraq and when I'm in the right mood it just pulls up all these memories and emotions and all I want is to see my husband again and press my forehead against his. I was feeling all sorry for myself while driving and almost hit a beastie running around on the road. I managed to corral her into my car and got her back to her family (the second time I've done that this week!) which really turned my day around.  I also sort of think it's the universe telling me to get another dog, because I was hoping by some weird twist of fate the owners wouldn't want her back and I could keep her for my very own.

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This isn't the dog I rescued, it's Natalie's beast (and Cypress's best friend) Treya.

Sorry for this random post, but I'm really happy to finally be happy and I wanted to share it with you guys.

Tomorrow my friend Amie flies in to stay with us for awhile and it's also my technological detox day.  If you see a post from me tomorrow, I promise it was scheduled. Have a great long weekend, friends!

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