Monday, June 25, 2012

What We've Been Up To: Fire Weekends, Roswell, and Other Things

Holy shit, where the hell did the time go? I haven't posted since last Wednesday and can't really remember the last time I did that.

This summer it's been really hard for me to drum up the motivation to write something that's even close to worth reading.  When Rob's gone I'm spending so much time trying to stay busy and working that writing a post is downright daunting.  Not to mention the fact that I just plain don't have much to write about. Anyway I thought I'd give an update since this last week was more eventful than previous weeks.

First off, Robbie had four glorious days off.  I'm happy to say that I was better than I have previously been at staying in the moment and enjoying him while he's here.  We didn't do much, mostly sat around and snuggled a lot, went out to eat, made fried banana splits, and watched TV.  Very "us," in other words.  He got called out again on Saturday (and is flying around in helicopters this time, which caused me to have a massive panic attack on Sunday morning) so I'm just trying to crawl into my shell and stop worrying.

In happier news, my good friend Heather came to visit on Thursday!  Heather and I became friends over the Interwebs back in 2005 or 2006 (and on Xanga, THROWBACK!) and we've been close every since.  It's weird that met for the first time this last week when she came to visit since I've known her for so long.

The unlikely highlight of her visit was our road trip to Roswell. As Heather put it, if you're considering going to Roswell, don't.

We were totally filled with nerdy glee the entire way down there.  "Down there," by the way, was a 3-hour drive of absolutely fucking nothing.  We came across two towns, both of which literally looked like the nuclear bomb had gone off and everyone was dead or gone.  Once we got to Roswell we went immediately to the UFO Museum, which, since there aren't any UFO artifacts, was mostly composed of  alien figurines, printed-out emails and photocopied affidavits from random people who "saw" the UFO.  We were looking forward to the gift shop by the end, which was also a huge disappointment. Literally there were maybe 5 styles of shirts, and most were in size XXL.

We left the gift shop and explored some of the local stores, which were equally disappointing.  Not a single witty or interesting shirt or high-quality alien item.  All in all we felt pretty screwed over and were on our way out of that piece within two hours.  I call it a highlight because it was still fun being with a good friend even if the location was pretty nonsense.

And now for some fun photos:


On Sunday we went to Albuquerque to the natural history museum (yeah, we're nerds) and P.F. Chang's.  I was so happy to have someone to spend time with and force me outside when all I want to do is huddle inside and wait for Rob to come home.  

Well there you go, friends, an update on life.  This week is packed with work and packing for Maine, since I'm leaving on Friday.  I'm crossing my fingers that Robbie will be home for at least a day before I leave, but I've learned that getting my hopes up this summer is a pretty stupid thing to do.  If you don't mind, please keep Robbie and his crew in your thoughts with hopes that they'll stay safe and not too overworked.

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  1. So what I can assume is that the town Roswell is nothing like it was portrayed on the TV show?


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