Monday, June 18, 2012

Bits & Pieces

1. This gets to be number one for obvious reasons: MY ROBBIE IS HOME! I can't tell you how awesome this feels.  I swear to god after he got home I would miss him if I had to go into the other room for a second, that's how pathetic we are (though at least we can be pathetic together, I guess).  Rob drank 2 energy drinks just to be able to stay awake, and we spent like 2 hours in bed before going to sleep just talking about everything.  It was awesome.  I have him for four amazing days before he goes back on call and we're going to relish every single fucking minute of it.  What sucks is that my mind never lets me enjoy the moment and I'm already leaping to conclusions about him wanting to leave again (not true) and dreading when he actually does leave again (not helpful). It's a process, I guess.

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2. I'm heading back to Maine next Friday for a week which should be fun.  It'll be great to see our families and celebrate the Fourth (which both of our families take very seriously) where I always did as a kid.  I'm super bummed that Robbie can't go, and even more bummed that leaving for a week may mean that I don't see Rob for an extended period of time depending on his schedule.  One of the things I want to work on is trying not to predict the future (and especially not predicting that it will be universally negative) but it's hard when his schedule is too up in the air to pin down.

3. Just before Rob came home last night he told me that he had found some wild onions on the fire and was bringing them home so we could cook them together.  In Maine you can't really forage in the same way (except for blueberries and tiny raspberries and strawberries) so I was initially skeptical, but turns out they tasted great! We included them in our "Chipotle Night" dinner last night. And, what do you know, they look like real onions!

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4. I never thought I'd say this, but after weeks of 90-degree weather and unceasing sunshine, I am ready for a 75-degree day in front of a lake in Maine.  I'm getting a heat rash that's slowly spreading over my arms and walking the dog has become downright unbearable because of it.  The sun does not fuck around here.

5. All that said I do like the complete lack of blackflies and mosquitoes.  I will take cicadas dive-bombing my face and peeing on me (yes, turns out that fucking is a thing) over blackflies and mosquitoes.

6. What do you all have planned for this week?

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  1. I'm so glad your Rob is home!! I hope the few days are nothing but bliss.

    I have plans to work, give the pups haircuts, spend time with the mister, scrapbook and buy a few birthday presents.

    Have a happy week!


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