Sunday, August 8, 2010

Yet another venture.

So last year, an old friend from high school asked me to photograph her wedding. I accepted because it seemed reaaally far away...but last weekend, it came, and there I was. I was excruciatingly nervous and didn't know how it would turn out.

The night before, I had taken Rob to a Social Distortion concert for his birthday in Hartford, CT. I was careless with what I ate (had some cross-contaminated french fries) and got really sick in the middle of the concert. The next day (day of the wedding) I was shaky, dehydrated, and exhausted. And super, super nervous.


It went really, really well actually! The pictures came out more beautiful than expected and the bride was *thrilled*. I even got an extra $25 on top of my extremely low price!

I had another wedding this weekend that I'm not sure went as well, but I'm still working on the pictures. My last for the season (maybe?) is on August 22.

Anyway this is an exciting new venture in our lives. Photography has long been something that I enjoy doing and, if I could make money doing it, would be a fabulous full-time job. I hope I have the talent, werewithal, and patience to make it happen...if it's supposed to happen. Sure would mean a lot more time at home, but still plenty of opportunities to travel!

Other than that, this weekend was uneventful.


  1. Being a fulltime photographer would be AWESOME!!!

  2. i wish i had more than ONE per season! that's awesome!

    i keep thinking-- when i'm done with school, THEN i'll try to spread more photo ops by word of mouth. hopefully i'll get paid one day, like you! :D

    keep going for it, even if you don't do it full time, hell if you got ONE good paying wedding gig a month you'd be set for a second job! some photogs get 3-5 THOUSAND per wedding! could you imagine?


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