Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Lotsa Bullets

I don’t have the energy or coherence to write an actual post, so perhaps some bullets will do:

- Rob and I celebrated one month of marital bliss yesterday. I can definitely say that being married feels “different” from being engaged and/or living together.

- I am very, very, very fortunate to be married to my best friend.

- When I look back on our relationship (almost 8 years together) I am floored by just how much we’ve gone through to get where we are. I almost lost him several times in Iraq, I spent three months in Russia, we spent the majority of four years apart but somehow still grew together…and now life just seems so freaking NORMAL. I think if the Me from three years ago was instantly transported to my life now (seeing Rob every day, or at least every week when I’m traveling, walking the dog, working) her head would explode with happiness. Seriously, Rob and I used to fantasize for HOURS about the life we’d lead post-Army and how happy we’d be. So far it pretty much meets expectations.

- I love my dog, but one thing that gets me down about remote work is having to walk her all day. I’m just not a person that can enjoy walks by myself, especially when my dog is getting into everything she shouldn’t get into (dead animals, feces, blackberries, cigarette butts, gum) and I have to yell at her every 3 feet. Plus it’s hot and boring and loud (we walk on an ATV trail that runs right next to the road) and I have to carry a giant electric fly swatter to kill the deer flies.

- Side note: I don’t consider myself a morbid person, but I get a real kick out of watching deer flies fry on my electric fly swatter. Seriously. I press the little button like 8 times just to “make sure” they’re dead, even when they’re just sparks by that point. Then I knock them off the racket and step on them.

- Gluten-free diet is going really well so far. I went through a phase where I was convinced that though two tests conclusively diagnosed celiac disease, I didn’t actually have celiac disease. So I ate rather carelessly (no outright cheating, just a ton of cross-contamination) and ended up getting really sick. So we’re back to strictly GF. I meet with my gastroenterologist tomorrow and hopefully he can answer some of my long-term questions (re: pregnancy, my future childrens’ risk of celiac, etc.).

- Someone very close to me is still battling cancer after more than a year, and I think she’s just about the most awesome person in the world with just about the most awesome attitude in the world. Girl’s my hero.

- I’ve been experiencing some interesting feelings re: children lately. One day I’ll desperately wish I was pregnant, the next I can’t imagine ever even having kids. We went to visit Rob’s professor the other evening for dinner and their twin 5-year-old girls were just. so. shrill. But they’re really freaking cute (and SMART – these kids know at least some advanced geological concepts and can write their names super-legibly! Not even in kindergarten yet!). I suppose it all changes once you actually HAVE kids (which we will do…someday).

- This post more or less flows in the same way as my thought processes.

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  1. I'd be interested to know how exactly married feels different from engaged. Matt and I moved in together after we were married, and from an opposite coast, so EVERYTHING felt new and different. Because it was.

    I find out in 5 dayysss about celiac. Sigh. I don't want to throw up by eating contaminated french fries!


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